What makes this challenge different?

As women, our bodies are incredibly amazing and complex. It's about time we fully understand how they work!

This challenge is designed to teach you about your bodies and how to train in correspondence to your hormones and inevitable biological changes.

During our kick off party, each participant will get a booklet packed full with information. The booklet is designed to give a basic understanding of:
  • muscle physiology
  • specific hormones and what they do (i.e. insulin, leptin, testosterone, etc)
  • hormonal changes for pre-menopause, peri-menopause, and post-menopause
  • how to train with hormonal changes
  • Best way to change your body composition
  • How to calculate your nutrient requirements

Each week there will be an email sent out with a PDF download covering other topics. You'll be able to add each PDF to your booklet and have a great resource of information to refer back to! Some additional topics we'll cover are:
  • HIIT cardio v.s Steady State cardio
  • Specific benefits of strength training for women
  • How women metabolize nutrients at rest and during exercise
  • What stress dieting puts on the body and how to overcome it
  • Debunking diet myths
  • And much more!

After this challenge our goal is to have all participants feel empowered with their new found knowledge and be able to achieve their new fitness goals!

Members - $80
Non-Members - $249 (included unlimited access to classes)
Anybody a member refers saves $50 on their enrollment!

Stay tuned for more details regarding our kick off party, guest speakers, give-aways and more!

Be well,

Shannon & Cassie
BzBody Fitness