Women's Success Center Newsletter
December 19th, 2017 Edition
In this edition, make 2018 the best year yet with smart goals, scholarships, and the Utah Women's Leadership Speaker & Dialogue Series!
Setting Goals for 2018

2018 is nearly here, and now is the time to plan some New Year's resolutions. While the, "new year, new you" mentality is exciting, it's important to set clear, realistic, and measurable goals for yourself. Vague, overly ambitious goals without a plan become more discouraging than motivating. 

Learn how to make the most out of 2018 by setting SMART Goals with our latest blog post here

$350,000+ in Scholarship Awards for 2018 

The new year is almost here, which means it's time for new scholarship chances! We found more than $350,000 in awards! There's something here for everyone. Athletes, musicians, engineers, business students, culinary artists, and more! Mark these important due dates on your calendar so you don't miss these great opportunities! 


To Apply: Submit an essay on ethics with a faculty sponsor. Five prizes will be awarded. 
Due January 19, 2018

To Apply: Plan on studying abroad for at least 30 days, and demonstrate financial need.
Due January 10, 2018

To Apply: Singers and actors can submit a 15-minute audition video. 
Due January 22nd, 2018

To Apply: Submit an application, transcripts, and two recommendation forms. Applicants must major or minor in accounting, business, finance, or criminal justice.
Due January 29th, 2018


To Apply: Submit an original song. Three applicants will be awarded grand prizes. 
Due February 1, 2018 

To Apply: Students in technical engineering or aviation programs can submit an application along with a letter of  recommendation. 
Due: February 5th, 2018

To Apply: Students interested working in the federal national security arena can apply for a cultural immersion study abroad program.
Due February 8, 2018

To Apply: NCAA student athletes are eligible. 26 total awards worth $7,500 each will be awarded to ethnic minorities and female college graduates entering graduate studies. 
Due February 15, 2018


To Apply: Women studying cybersecurity are eligible to apply
Due March 1, 2018

To Apply: Complete the FAFSA and submit an application. 
Due March 15, 2018 


To Apply: Majors in restaurant or foodservice-related programs can submit an application. Applications open January 15th. 
Due April 1, 2018


To Apply: Women 35 years old and older looking to attend an accredited university for the first time are eligible to apply. 
Due May 4, 2018

To Apply: Forty $3,000 and two $24,000 scholarships are available students with cystic fibrosis.
Due May 27, 2018

To Apply: Code and submit a bold software solution. 
Due May 31, 2018

To Apply:  Submit a sustainable engineering project.  
Due May 31, 2018


To Apply: Sign up for the CollegeSTEPS program to enter the sweepstakes. 
Due June 30th, 2018

DISCLAIMER: Outside scholarships are not affiliated with UVU. Please exercise caution when pursuing any outside scholarships. UVU does not affiliate with or endorse any third party scholarship website nor does UVU guarantee or confirm the validity of these scholarships and/or websites.  Use them at your own risk.

Utah Women's Leadership Speaker & Dialogue Series 

Join the Utah Women's Leadership Speaker & Dialogue Series for an Impact Evening on January 30th! Utah girls and women are invited to learn in workshops lead by Justice Christine Durham, Kathie Debenham, Dr. Susan R. Madsen, and Heather Groom.

When: January 30, 2018 from  6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Where: Sorensen Center
What: Three workshops will be presented; Mindfulness, Women's Negative Interactions, and Don't Wait to Lead as Young Women. 

You won't want to miss it!

Care About Childcare: 8 Signs of Quality Child Care 

Care About Childcare at UVU assists parents, providers, and community partners by providing referrals that promote high quality child care and afterschool care. We focus on finding accessible and affordable care for Utah families, including; low cost educational opportunities, supporting collaborations, and maintaining current resources.  

Here are some items to consider when looking for quality child care. 

1. Affection and Attention
Is the caregiver interested in your child as an individual? Do they talk and listen at the child's level? Do they comfort your child when needed? Are they warm, energetic, and caring with children?

2. Group Size
Small group sizes are best for most children. 

3. Child Care Provider Training and Experience
Ask the caregiver if they have any formal child care training. How long have they been providing child care?

4. Low Staff Turnover
If they have additional caregivers, ask them how long each staff member has been employed with the facility. 

5. Parent and Provider Communication
It is important that you have a good partnership with the caregiver. Be professional and open about the positive experiences but also be comfortable enough to share the negative experiences. 

6. Developmental Growth
Does the program offer plenty of rich, free play time which promotes children's optimal development? Is the environment "rich" indoors and outdoors?

7. A Healthy Environment
Are emergency numbers and policies posted? Is the facility a clean and safe place for children to crawl and play? Are children offered nutritional food that is healthy? Are there separate areas for eating, diapering, rest, and play?

8. Licensing Record
Does the facility have a good record from child care licensing? This can be checked at childcarelicensing.utah.gov

For further ideas and information, check out Care About Childcare at uvu.edu/cac.

Heart 2 Home Christmas Celebration!

The Women of UVU Association gathered together to work some Christmas miracles with Heart 2 Home this month. Because of their volunteer efforts, children around Utah County will have a Christmas morning filled with love, gifts, and hand-made crafts. Way to go, ladies. We're proud of you! 

Utah Women's Walk Honoree: Paige Holland

Paige Holland, wife of Utah Valley University President Matthew Holland, was raised in Provo, Utah. She is the mother of four children. She strives to teach them, and others within her sphere of influence, about the importance of getting an education. She feels that she uses the knowledge and skills she learned while obtaining her college degree on a daily basis, and she hopes to inspire other women to see how a college education will bless their lives in many ways as well.  

In her role at UVU, she has been instrumental in addressing the issues that make it difficult for women to graduate from college. To this end, she has helped to raise funds for more scholarships for women and expanded the Wee Care Center so that young mothers can continue their education knowing that their children are well cared for.

For additional information on Utah Women's Walk honoree Paige Holland or the Utah Women's Walk project, please access our website at www.utahwomenswalk.org

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UVU's Women's Success Center was established in 2011 with the mission to help women enter and graduate from UVU. Recent studies show that Utah has one of the lowest graduation rates for women in the nation. The WSC helps women overcome barriers that can stop them from furthering their college education. They offer many services including: support, advocacy, individual success coaching, scholarship assistance, leadership opportunities and more. The Women's Success Center is dedicated to helping women see themselves as confident and capable of achieving their educational goals. To learn more visit the Women's Success Center Web site at  http://www.uvu.edu/wsc

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