Women's Success Center Newsletter
June 6th, 2017 Edition
In this edition, get life advice from UVU alumna, snag discounted Lagoon tickets, and find new scholarships and internships for summer. 

Meet Krystal Guerra

Krystal Guerra is a proud Utah Valley University alumna from the Woodbury School of Business. She's grown from the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations in UVUSA, to the Vice President of Marketing. 

Krystal acts as a company leader, marketing strategist, and team mentor for Marketware. She spends her days working alongside SaaS technology leaders, healthcare professionals, and groundbreaking software teams. Outside of her job, she is a member of the Women Tech Council, Centro Hispano, the American Marketing Association, and volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club. 

Working as a woman in a predominately male field, Krystal has special advice for women students.

"Be relentless and intentional in the pursuit of gaining experiences that challenge you. I'm thankful to stand on the shoulders of so many women who came before us and paved the way, but there is much more to be accomplished. Strive to only compete against yourself, and always look ahead."  

Gain your own experience by  joining the Women of UVU Association.

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UVU Lagoon Day! 

Saturday, June 10th is Utah Valley University Lagoon Day! Join fellow students, faculty, and UVU fans for a day full of rollercoaster and theme park fun.

Get free soda and ice cream from the UVU Alumni Association, and try to win prizes at the raffle! 

 Summer Internships

It isn't too late to apply for internships this summer. Dozens of local companies are still looking to hire. Discover careers in everything from criminal justice to visual design by clicking here.
If you want to have an adventure somewhere outside of Utah, don't worry! We've got you covered. Apply to be an intern for the CIA in Washington, DC, or take a business trip to China. There's plenty of life to explore, and experience to be earned. 

Wee Care Registration

The Wee Care Center is a licensed child care facility dedicated to UVU student-parents. The staff serves children from six weeks to twelve years, so  you can still attend your classes and study sessions. 

Single parent registration begins July 5th. 
Married parent registration begins July 10th. 

Enrollment is first come, first serve.  Priority enrollment is given to single parents, low-income families, and students close to finishing their degree.

Summertime Scholarships

It's summer time, and there are still more scholarships to be had. Take a look at these three new scholarship opportunities, and see if they're right for you! 

To Apply: Write a short essay about yourself! Write about how your major will uplift your community, or share an accomplishment you're proud of.
Due August 1st, 2017

To Apply: Write a short essay about health. There are three essay prompts to choose from, so pick your favorite and get writing!
Due August 31st, 2017

To Apply: Submit a short piece of writing about maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.
Due September 30th

Be sure to  like us on Facebook for weekly scholarship updates on  #ScholarshipSaturday. 

DISCLAIMER: Outside scholarships are not affiliated with UVU. Please exercise caution when pursuing any outside scholarships. UVU does not affiliate with or endorse any third party scholarship website nor does UVU guarantee or confirm the validity of these scholarships and/or websites.  Use them at your own risk.

Student Spotlight: 
Stephanie Stewart

Stephanie is a biology major working toward her dream of becoming a veterinarian.  As a child, she loved tending to the cows, horses, and other livestock on her grandfather's ranch. By his side, she learned how to vaccinate, mend, and care for the animals. 

Stephanie has continued to pursue her goal by studying diligently, and working as an intern at a veterinary clinic. The help relieve the financial burden of school and help her pursue her dream, Stephanie was awarded a scholarship from the Women's Success Center. 

 Congratulations, Stephanie!

Utah Women's Walk Honoree: 
Barbara Frazier

In her formative years, a young Barbara Frazier kindled imagination and creativity in Spanish Fork, Utah. Because the city limits were still quite rural, she played outdoors and this allowed her to create her own entertainment. She observed her father collect unwanted materials to transform them into reusable objects. This upbringing transpired into her contemporary art work which re-articulates photography into unconventional images. This is cultivated in works such as "Limbic Work," an installation with large negative-like silhouettes interconnected with metal, and a work in-progress based on weather patterns within photographs. As a teacher at Utah Valley University she encourages her pupils to push their conceptions of photography as a medium.

Barbara gives this advice to younger women in Utah, "...Have courage, if there is something that you want to do, do it. Don't be afraid, don't let anybody tell you that that's not going to be profitable or you're not going to enjoy it. Anybody can be anything. You want to be a dancer? Be a dancer. You want to be a photographer? You be a photographer. Have the courage to just go for it. Numb everybody's voices out and you do what you want to do." 

For more information regarding the Utah Women's Walk and honoree Barbara Frazier please click the link www.utahwomenswalk.org.

Photo credit to Gina Martine. 

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