Dr. Marc Bertrand
Dr. Marc Bertrand
March 2013
Women's History Month

"I think the key is for women not to set any limits."

- Martina Navratilova, Tennis Legend


B.E.G strives to motivate, counsel and/or educate all appropriate constituents by virtue of webinars, on-site presentations and ongoing interactive communication. In order to do this effectively, we retain the highest level of quality personnel to maximize our brand.


This month, the Bertrand Bulletin honors various women for their significant contributions, including one who has joined our team to help others achieve their goals.


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"Dr. Marc Bertrand was the speaker for the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony at St. John's University. Approximately 300 people attended this milestone event, representing graduate faculty, recent doctoral graduates, and their families. Dr. Bertrand gave an inspiring address, acknowledging the supportive individuals in his life, and reflecting his positive attitude after overcoming many personal hurdles. Numerous faculty and doctoral colleagues mentioned their appreciation of the tone and content of the speech, which focused on the importance of building good relationships and helping those around you."

Dr. Rene Parmar
Dept. of Administrative and Instructional Leadership
St. John's University

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Career Readiness: Are We Preparing Women for 21st Century Careers? 
By Dr. Linda Suarez
Dr. Marc Bertrand

March being Women's History Month, B.E.G appreciates and acknowledges the contributions of women to society. As I reflect, there has been a few significant women that contributed to my professional growth; beginning with my first supervisor, Dr. Sharon Banks-Williams. She is a visionary school leader, who provided me with my initial foundation in leadership and encouraged me to maximize my full potential.


Subsequently, I applied to the St. John's University doctoral

Dr. Cho
Dr. Seokhee Cho
program and was faced with many obstacles (including balancing a level of professional and academic proficiencies). At this time, I was introduced to my mentor and toughest critic, Dr. Seokhee Cho (Director of Creativity and Gifted Education at St. John's University). Dr. Cho is an Associate Professor at the School of Education, who is currently conducting three research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Cho's research spans multiple continents focusing on the metacognitive dimensions of exceptional aptitudes. She is currently the Principal Investigator among a distinguished unit of scholars conducting a five-year research study for Project Hope. The study is designed to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M3) program, which is a challenging and motivational curriculum for grades 3-5 Limited English Proficient (LEP) students. The M3 program is a research-based mathematics curriculum for promising students with an emphasis on students' communication skills to achieve a mathematical way of problem solving.  


Given Dr. Cho's precision in this field, I have applied some of her methodologies to my own repertoire to ensure a comparable quality performance.   

Dr. Suarez
Dr. Linda Suarez

It was only appropriate to recognize the preceding women among others in celebrating Women's History Month. The woman with the most impact would be my mother, who stressed the importance of receiving a quality education regardless of the conditions to ensure oneself "a fighter's chance for equal opportunities!" The same can be said about other significant women; from journalist (Soledad O' Brien) to motivational speaker (Harriet Cole) to famed cultural anthropologist (Margaret Mead) to the First Lady among others, they have all played a role in our lives directly and/or indirectly. For that, I'm thankful for the women's contributions which compelled B.E.G to solidify it's most recent asset; our newest consultant, Linda M. Suarez, Ed.D.


Please join us in welcoming Dr. Suarez because she is a transformational educational practitioner with solid leadership experiences. In her primary role, she manages multiple educational initiatives inclusive of multi-million dollar budgets focused on strategically analyzing 21st century school technologies that support new pedagogical methods and practices. Her latest article delves into the women's movement for 21st century careers. 


The women in this newsletter among others have helped revolutionized many industries. Without some of these significant women, globalization becomes limited. Please take a moment to reflect on those influential women in your lives (past and present) as we would like to hear about it! In the interim, join B.E.G as we salute the women of today, tomorrow and those female pioneers that have helped pave the way for us to do what we do best!  


Warm Regards,


Dr. Marc Bertrand

Editor in Chief

The Bertrand Education Group (B.E.G)

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