Adult women who have not been diagnosed before with ADHD  

I want to make an unusual offer. I am in the middle of collaborating with some wonderful people in making a documentary about ADHD. We want it to present this condition with emphasis on the strengths that so often accompany it, as we hope the documentary will go a long way toward combatting the terrible stigma that still prevents both children and adults from getting the help that could change their lives forever.
While we will be emphasizing strengths, we will also portray the terrible dangers inherent in not taking ADHD seriously, the great risk of addiction, of unemployment in adulthood, of poor school performance, of medical problems due to lack of follow up, and the host of other problems that have led Dr. Russell Barkley to conclude that untreated ADHD costs on average 13 years of life. 
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Dr. Hallowell's Summer Family Camp

Our 14th Year!
Join Dr. Hallowell, Sue, Rob, Marise and fellow families. Learn how to raise kids who are spirited, sensitive, or strong willed. You’ll get access to inspirational ideas and practical tools to teach kids to handle their feelings, make friends, and do their best. Our mission is for you and your family to leave empowered, revived, inspired, and connected! Listen as Dr. Hallowell details what’s in store for you on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan this July! 
ADHD and Parenting

Seattle - Eastside Every Child Summit on April 25 at  Kirkland Performance Center. This year's event features an exclusive lecture by  Dr. Hallowell  on the brain science behind ADHD as well as a FREE resource fair for families.

NYC - Ca lm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges © -
May 1-June 12, 5:30-7:00 pm, 7 weeks
May 2-June 13, 2 pm-3:30 pm, 7 weeks
Now in our 10th year, this workshop is ongoing...In person at: the NYC Hallowell Center - Register at info@hallowellcenter.org or by calling 212.799.7777

NYC - New! Parents of Children with ADHD Support Group
1.5 hours every other week. $75/session. Days and Times determined by participant needs. In person at the Hallowell Center NYC. TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT email Marcia@hallowellcenter.org, marcianhochman@gmail.com or call 917-887-9119

May 6th, 10am- 12pm
May 15, 6pm-8pm
Finals are here. Now what? Tips, Tools, Strategies and Your Role
Support without enabling. Tackle organization, motivation and independence challenges that students and parents face in managing homework and schoolwork. Learn more and register here . Please, only adults, no children.

Parenting ADHD Video Coaching

Dr. Hallowell and ImpactADHD join in these priceless videos with coaching to empower families who have children with ADHD. Get discounted version here .
Parenting ADHD Online 4 Session Workshop

O verwhelmed by the challenges of raising a child or teen with ADHD? Register for the ADHD Parenting Class: What Your Child With ADHD Wishes You Knew and How You Can Help webinar with Dr. Sharon Saline. Starts April 24. Use coupon code drhallowell20 for a $20 discount.
ADHD and Students

July 29, 2019  
10:00am to 5:30pm
Early registration DISCOUNTED RATE before May 29th.
Day-long course in executive functioning and related college-readiness skills for college students with ADHD. It derives from evidence-based – specifically, cognitive-behavioral – interventions for ADHD that have been shown to lead to significant improvements in ADHD-related symptoms and impairment. 
Students will learn strategies that lay the groundwork for positive habits, academic success, and personal growth.

ADHD Advice for Middle Schoolers - Dr. Hallowell offers tips for helping 6th, 7th and 8th graders with ADHD thrive. 

MA - CORE Coaching and EARS (by phone, Skype or in person) MS, HS & college students - conquer the challenges associated with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. 
ADHD and Mindfulness

Adults and children, learn ADHD friendly mindfulness tools and techniques that increase focus and the ability to center, calm inner chaos, and improve your interpersonal effectiveness. Ongoing. One-on-one and group Mindfulness sessions available. Learn more at info@hallowellcenter.org or by calling 212.799.7777
ADHD and Teachers

Mining Magnificent Minds (MMM) is a series of original, online videos, each 15 to 20 minutes long, designed to train teachers on how to effectively manage ADHD in the classroom. Learn more .
$15 discount to Hallowell subscribers for a special price of $34.95 with code HALLOWELL
ADHD and Adults

Ongoing... Thursdays 6-7:30 PM $75.00
Biweekly Adult ADHD Support Group led by Dr. Hallowell - Meets every other Thursday.
Dr. Hallowell provides his world-renowned expertise and insight in an informal setting.

Learn more about this week-long CE course taught by Dr. Hallowell at the Cape Cod Institute, Monday thru Friday, August 12-16, 2019, 9am–12:15pm in Eastham, MA.
ADHD and Young Adults

Recruiting for Fall 2019 Team .

Programs for young adults with ADHD, dyslexia, or ASD. Identify passion and harness potential to create a livelihood. Find out more   HERE! .

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