July 10, 2019
Meet the first Palapa School 9th grade
graduating class of 2019!
We are very excited to share their accomplishments with you.
  • All grades scored within the top 25% at the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Our choir performed at the re-opening of the Todos Santos Cultural Center.
  • The 8th grade team won 1st place in Physics at the BCS Expociencia Science Expo.
  • A 9th grade student received a scholarship to study technology and environmental care in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Students had a choice to study advanced mathematics, music, philosophy, or leadership in extracurricular clubs.
  • And so much more.
Top students honored at graduation.
But it doesn’t end here. We are excited to announce that The Palapa School is continuing to grow, with plans to open the high school, starting with the 10 th grade in August 2019. Pending official SEP certification already in progress, The Palapa School will offer an expanded SEP curriculum lead by driven, high-performance teachers who are committed to excellence. Stay tuned for information about the enrollment process and scholarship opportunities.

We couldn’t be prouder. And, we couldn’t be more grateful to you for your generous support. Your donations help ensure that local children have access to an quality education, whether they attend public school, The Palapa School, or University.

With your generosity, we can continue this important work
As we prepare for this next milestone, we need to ensure The Palapa School remains fully sustainable. We now have critical, predictable costs that push well beyond our current fundraising abilities.

How you can help
Our goal is to raise $50,000 USD by August 31, 2019. Help power the school through the remainder of the year.
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