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February 2014

Preview Pear.

State College area residents will enjoy a special Preview in March of our newest product: Asian Pear "Dry" Wine. Asian Pear "Dry" is exactly that. Dry, crisp and laden with delicate hints of citrus notes. This white wine is similar in character to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Vinho Verde. Asian Pear Dry, our first, single-varietal release, is made from only one variety of Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear: the SuSan.

This Preview will be part of the Grand Opening of Pennsylvania's newest store, Fine Wine & Good Spirits, near State College, Pennsylvania on March 18th, from 11 AM to 1 PM (178 Buckaroo Lane, Bellefonte, PA). To help celebrate, we'll be pouring samples of our new Asian Pear Dry Wine as well as samples of our Asian Pear Wine (Riesling-style) and our fortified, Asian Pear Dessert Wine.


Bottles will be available for purchase in Bellefonte during this store event and after.   "Pear-ed" with our wines will be samples of our dried Asian Pears as well as locally grown ham - baked with dried Asian Pear chutney. Visit our website for a selection of ham & Asian Pear recipes.  Never too early to think about your Easter menu.

For more info about our wines and where to purchase in PA and other States, visit Details about our official launch of Asian Pear Dry to be announced in March.

Spring for Spread.

Asian Pear Spread
Pretending it is Spring is a delicious excuse for entertaining; a chance to share good times with friends or family by offering some healthy and flavorful appetizers.
Our Asian Pear Spread always makes a refreshing dip for cut fruits, or pretzels. It is also a nice addition to toast-points with a cube of baked ham or a piece of cheese. Kids joining in on your gathering? Serve up squares of peanut butter and Asian Pear spread on their favorite bread.


Asian Pear Spread is all natural, just a clever blend of Asian Pears and Asian Pear juice. To order, visit and take advantage of free Ground shipping code "winter."


Beer and Flowers. 

Subarashii in March

During a special evening at the 185th annual Philadelphia Flower Show we'll be pouring samples of our Asian Pear Wine and Asian Pear Dessert Wine on Wednesday March 5th.


Host Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is offering a few special events in celebration of this annual salute to flowers. This year, the theme is "ArtiCulture."

Evening event, Philadelphia Wedding will take place 6 PM to 8 PM, March 5th at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  Stop by our table after a tour of the main floor of the Flower Show!


On Sunday March 9th, Fair Foods of Philadelphia will be hosting its annual Brewer's Plate event showcasing samples of terrific local cuisine made from local fare paired with samples of great local beers. If you are a foodie and a local beer fanatic, this gathering is your place to be.


VIP ticketholders can kick back in the event's VIP lounge for samples of liquid dessert:  Asian Pear Dessert Wine 'pear-ed' with dried Asian Pears. A slightly sweeter alternative for attendees' taste buds. For more info about "the Plate" and tickets, click here.


 Bowls of Rice

Dried Asian Pear Rice Pudding 


Tremendous in flavor, this decadent bowl of rice pudding is made with our dried Asian Pears. Not only a delicious recipe for a dessert or snack, but gluten free and vegan as well.


Pear fan, Chef Laurie, created this dish and we enjoyed it so much we wanted to share it with you.  Please click here to download this recipe, prepare and enjoy!


Click here to order dried Asian Pears for this dish.






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