Wondering Where The Orlando Real Estate Market is Headed in 2022?
The '22 Real Estate Market is Here!
Would you believe that an offer you write today would close in 2022?! And if December is any indication, we can expect much of the same in '22 – a strong sellers’ market mostly fueled by very low inventory. Couple that with the influx of people moving to Orlando, and it’s pretty clear that prices should continue their upward climb in the near future. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying, you really shouldn’t wait. Just be prepared to act quickly with a strong, clean offer in order to beat out the competition. It sounds crazy, but buyers should think of today’s prices as a discount on tomorrow’s prices in most price points (that means near instant equity when you do buy!).

Sellers will still have the upper hand for the foreseeable future though their positioning has moderated a bit since the frenetic 2021 selling season. Sellers should also anticipate a potential market slowdown come September once the new school year begins + a projected increase in mortgage rates towards the latter half of the year has the potential to soften buyer demand. Keep in mind there's never a better time to sell than the present because the market can always shift - the pandemic has made it really hard to make predictions these days!
Investors Take Note: Grant Cardone is Florida Real Estate Fan!
Most investors will be familiar with the name Grant Cardone, a famed Real Estate Investor himself + a huge believer in the growth potential that lies ahead for the Florida market. In fact, Cardone recently expressed that he believes Florida is just at the beginning of a Real Estate Super Cycle just like San Francisco was during its tech boom of yesteryear.

While it’s hard to say if Cardone's sentiment will hold true or not, it is worth noting that he just made his largest investment ever in Florida this past week, purchasing nearly $750 million in real estate in South Florida! At least he’s putting his money behind his belief in Florida real estate. Also worth noting: almost 25% of residential estate deals in Florida this year involved investors - clearly they can see the opportunity!
Our Picks For Top Growth Areas
Curious about Orlando’s top growth areas for property values? Here are our picks!

O-Town West - Have you driven down Daryl Carter Parkway yet? If not, you should! Located between Disney Springs & Sand Lake’s Restaurant Row, the highly anticipated mega development is well-underway + it will even have it’s own new I-4 exit. Residential opportunities here are few & far between & frankly not cheap, but the growth potential is enormous!

Winder Garden (realtor slang for the Horizon West/Hamlin area of Windermere + Winter Garden) - Have you seen how much prices have surged across all of 34786 + 34787 this year?! At one point, the lowest priced single-family home in Windermere was $440K. With so much commercial development happening in the area, property values should only continue to increase.

Lake Nona & anywhere near it (including 32824 + 32832). Honestly, Lake Nona Proper prices have surged so much already due to Disney’s new office opening there that many are priced out of the area. But, the trickle out effect to surrounding zip codes still presents incredible opportunity for price appreciation!
So Long Mortgage Insurance!
Currently paying mortgage insurance as part of your home’s monthly payment? If so, you should definitely check with whomever is servicing your loan to see if you can drop it! In most instances, you will need to demonstrate that you have accrued at least 20% of your home’s overall equity via an independently ordered appraisal (about $400-$500), but it could be well worth that expense!

We’ve actually worked with several buyers who have been able to eliminate PMI/MIP in record time (it used to take several years) thanks to how quickly home values have soared since their date of purchase.
We Sold A Lot of Homes This Year!
We are very thankful for everyone who has supported us this past year! The two of us combined for 25+ deals totaling nearly $10 million along with a number of rental + property management responsibilities. We truly love real estate & it is an honor to represent our customers in one of the most important business transactions of their entire lives!

We are excited for what lies ahead in what should prove to be another strong year in Orlando Real Estate. Please reach out anytime if we can assist you or someone you know.
Best wishes to you & your loved ones for a Wonderful Holiday Season!