The Center for Fine Art Photography
Exhibition Dates: January 24, 2014 - February 22, 2014
First Friday Reception | February 7 from 6-9 pm
Main Gallery
       Cheese Balls � Thomas Jackson

Wondrous Indeed - Selections
Juror: Mr. Phil Toledano
The Juror's Selection: Cheese Balls, Thomas Jackson
Honorable Mention:  Submerged, Tami Bahat
Honorable Mention: Rodeo Drive Series, Michael Butler
Honorable Mention: Untitled, Product Placement Series, David Howe
Director's Selection: It's Gluten Free, Kelsey Wagner
Honorable Mention:  Freedom in Youth, Ricardo Bouyett
Honorable Mention: The Sea of Moons, Toby MacLennan
Honorable Mention: The Power Players, Dimitra Ermeidou

All Selected Artists: Allyson Anne Lamb, Tami Bahat, Celine Bardou, Clare Benson, Brenda Biondo, Meghan Boilard, Ricardo Bouyett, Michael Butler, Mike Enright,
Dimitra Ermeidou, Mingshan Fan, Enrique Munoz Garcia, Paul Greenberg, Jess Hardcastle, Melissa Hogan, David Howe, Thomas Jackson, Kate Jones, John Lewis,
Michael Loderstedt, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Marie Lillianna, Yvetter Meltzer, Logan Mock-Bunting, Tammy Novak, Jenny Papalexandris, Lori Pond, Jessica Rech, Randhy Rodriguez, Jacinda Russell, Leah Schretenthaler, Harriett Stein, Gordon Stettinius, Alison Turner, Benita VanWinkle, and Kelsey Wagner.

It's Gluten Free @ Kelsey Wagner   
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