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Incoterms® 2020 Training Course
May 10th, 12th, & 14th, 2021| 8:30 to 10:30 AM PST
Incoterms were updated in 2020 and this course includes changes from the 2010 version. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Incoterms® rules are used in contracts to clearly communicate the obligations, costs, and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods, providing clarity for sellers and buyers and helps facilitate trade. The latest edition of the Incoterms® rules came into effect on January 1, 2020 and should be well understood by any company that ships products outside of Canada.

This Incoterms® 2020 Training Course is tailored for the wood products industry and delivered virtually using Zoom in three two-hour sessions, spread over three days on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday, for a total of six hours of training. The BC Wood course will start on Monday, May 10th, 2021. The Incoterms® 2020 training session is delivered by Exportspark, FITT and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in partnership with EDC and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.
BC WOOD's WoodTALKS PROGRAM Starts a New Year from April 1 and is Now Inviting Industry Speaker Participation
Ken Hori | khori@bcwood.com
The 2021-22 program provides BC value-added wood manufacturers the opportunity to provide accredited educational presentations directly to the Specifier Community including architects, designers, engineers, developers, builders, and contractors in BC, Alberta and the US. 

Participants in the program receive the exclusive benefit of establishing themselves as trusted industry specialists, presenting their company's products and expertise, while building their client bases.
These presentations include:
  • and when regular face-to-face business resumes, participants in this program will have opportunities to deliver IN-PERSON LUNCH & LEARNS   

BC Wood is a Recognized Educational Provider with AIBC (Architectural Institute of BC), AIA (American Institute of Architects), BC Housing Continuing Professional Development, AAA (Alberta Association of Architects), the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), the Independent Contractors and Builders Association (ICBA) and IDCEC (Interior Designer Continuing Educational Council).

Space is limited so for more information on how you can participate, or if you have any questions contact:
Ken Hori at BC Wood Specialties Group
C: 604-317-3161, E: khori@bcwood.com.
BC Wood's Wood First Program for 2021-22
Kit Crowe | kcrowe@bcwood.com
BC Wood just received funding approval for the 2021-22 Wood First Program. Beginning April 1st, 2020, we will be coordinating and delivering an exciting line up of activities to assist you in your marketing and business development!
Virtual Workshops:
We will be delivering a number of virtual workshops throughout the year on Business Development and Marketing topics. Please contact Kit at kcrowe@bcwood.com if you have a request for a particular topic.

Marketing Assessments:
A marketing expert will review and evaluate your company's current marketing activities. You will then receive a comprehensive summary report that identifies each marketing activity/strategy, recommended changes or improvements, and new marketing activities/strategies that should be considered. Alongside the report, you will receive recommendations on how to accelerate your marketing strategy, as well as how to strengthen and improve your overall brand and messaging to further set you apart from competitors and achieve your desired business goals. Funding covers 75% of cost. Average value for a marketing assessment is $3000; so your cost would only be about $750.

Marketing or Business Development One-on-One Assistance Projects:
Company specific projects use the information gained from assessments to help improve competitiveness, address gaps, and strengthen your company's supply chain. With this help, you will learn how to efficiently manage your business and market your product in a more professional and effective manner, ultimately growing your company. Examples of eligible projects include: leadership, management training, sales coaching, creating a social media strategy, effectively managing teams virtually, video production training, etc. Funding covers 40% of the project total cost. You can source and use your own consultants, or BC Wood can offer suggestions from professionals we have successfully worked with in the past.

These are only a few of the many activities we have lined up for the upcoming year. To find out how BC Wood can assist you with your marketing and business development needs, contact:
Kit Crowe at BC Wood Specialties Group
E: kcrowe@bcwood.com, C: 604-716-0944.
WMC Management Skills Training Program
UBC - Online Management Skills Training Courses

UBC – Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) will be offering the following “online” courses; Production Planning, and Supply Chain Management which will run from April 5th, 2021 to May 31st, 2021.

These wood products industry specific courses are designed for owners, managers, supervisors or management tracked employees. These are not academic courses and the skills learned can be applied immediately in the work place. Each part time course is led by a tutor with extensive industry experience. 
For more information on the courses, please click on the following link: Management Skill Training or call Jason Chiu at 604 822-0082.
BC Wood Program Updates
Residential Construction in the US Post-COVID-19
Dave Farley | dfarley@bcwood.com
A few comments, suggestions, and ideas...
Its no secret that the residential construction sector in the US is on fire. Pandemic be damned. In fact, most experts believe that COVID-19 is largely responsible for the dramatic increase in construction activity. A recent headline in the usually stuffy Wall Street Journal screamed “It’s a housing boom ignited by the pandemic”. A deeper dive into the article points to historically low interest rates, new younger buyers entering the market, and a complete rethink of the importance of home, as factors contributing to the housing boom.

Even with the rising costs of building materials, supply chain disruptions, and labour shortages, young buyers continue to drive the growth in residential construction. In fact, the National Association of Realtors has the median price of a new single family home nationally at $346,000, up a significant $51,000 since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Some pundits suggest that this is a temporary upswing and construction will level off once things return to normal. But the WSJ article suggests that with strict mortgage rules, larger down payments, and a tight housing supply, this boom is no bubble. The residential construction market is more robust, stable and far less risky than the market boom in 2005-2007. The article also points out that the United States is currently experiencing a “significant transfer of wealth”, as younger demographics inherit considerable riches from their parents and grandparents, which is often then invested into their homes.

All of these economic drivers suggest that the continued growth in US residential construction will continue far after the pandemic ends.

For more information on the US market and to take advantage of our market development activities, please reach out to me at dfarley@bcwood.com
Report on Resort Technical Training Seminars in Japan and Korea 
Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp
One of BC Wood’s main strategies to grow the market opportunities for Canadian wood products in Asia has been to pursue the growing Japanese and Korean resort markets. As a part of our targeted outreach, we have been in contact with many developers who in turn told us that they were very interested in learning how Canada has been able to produce so many of the world’s top resorts. In particular, developers and local governments were very interested in learning how Whistler became the most successful all-season resort in the world. Such conversations made us realize that if BC Wood could provide quality education on resort planning and development, along with wooden architectural expertise, we would be able to reach a new audience that had the power to specify wood products in hospitality related facilities.

For these reasons, in early 2020 BC Wood delivered its first series of technical seminars on developing all-season resorts using successful Canadian resorts as examples. Despite COVID-19 taking hold at that time, we were able to successfully deliver two in-person seminars in Korea and three across Japan. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from those participants led us to continue with the technical training for the 2020-21 fiscal year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation continues to impact all of our activities and we therefore could not deliver an in-person caravan seminar series as we had originally proposed
OT Timber Frames
OT Timber Frames is a prefabricated timber-frame manufacturer based in 150 Mile House. The company was founded in 2010 by Oliver Tritten in his garage and over the last decade, the company has grown immensely. They have produced custom handcrafted timber-frame projects from residential cabins and homes, to commercial projects like restaurants and motels.  

OT Timber Frames logs and kiln dries the majority of their own timbers, which helps ensure the quality of each piece. They also mill their own wood for use as facia, decking, siding, etc. This ability to produce so much of the product straight from the forest is compounded with the immense knowledge within the company.
Oliver got his start and education in Switzerland, where he graduated with a Technical Master Timber Framer diploma and has since worked for some of the largest manufacturers in both BC and Switzerland. Much of the OT Timber Frames staff share this extensive industry experience, giving them the knowledge and tradecraft to do very interesting custom work, such as using natural bent timbers. 

To learn more about OT Timber Frames, you can visit their website at ottimberframes.com.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  
Industry Videos
Kalesnikoff: From Seedlings to Solutions

From seedlings to solutions: click for a tour of Kalesnikoff's mass timber plant.
Pan-Abode Factory Tour: How It's Made

Join Pan-Abode International on a tour of their factory to learn how they transform their hand-selected air-dried western red cedar into your custom cut and notched interlocking log home package.
Our way of life

Take a look at how Canmore Woodcrafters seeks new ways to reduce their environmental footprint.
Industry News
Accelerating Manufacturing Scale-up Grant Program
The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of B.C.’s manufacturing sector including its economic impacts, the critical goods it provides, and the jobs it provides in all regions of the province. 

In response, the Province of British Columbia committed to a $16.25 million one-time investment in the manufacturing sector which includes funding for the Accelerating Manufacturing Scale-Up Grant Program. The program will spend $10 million to diversify and innovate the province's small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

Grants of up to $250,000 are available to eligible individual companies or up to $500,000 for groups in collaboration.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers (between 2 and 149 employees) from all industry sectors are being invited to apply to support the commercialization or processing of value-added goods. 

Applications will be accepted from April 15 until 6:00pm PST on May 31, 2021.
Our Roots, Our Future
A new report called ‘Our Roots, Our Future’ has been released in advance of the UN’s International Day of Forests to recognize the role that sustainable forest management will play in our global future, from creating a natural solution to climate change, to supporting our transition to a low-carbon society.
Participate in the Regional BC Cohort of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)
New trade agreements and a competitive Canadian dollar make it an ideal time to extend your company's reach through the export of goods and services.

The Trade Accelerator Program has been successfully delivered since 2017 by World Trade Centre Vancouver and is designed to help SMEs TAP into their full export potential. It has a proven track record helping participants get results.

By enrolling in TAP Canada you can:
  • Navigate complexities of the global trade ecosystem
  • Leverage Canada's deep trade and investment resources
  • Access tailored, face-to-face coaching and advice
  • Learn about international best practices
  • Accelerate export readiness
  • Develop and implement a new market entry plan
  • Expand your global trade footprint and increase revenue
Grow Your Sales With Free Trade Agreements
Businesses that consider free trade agreements in their growth plans can export more cost-effectively and be more competitive in the international market. Canada’s 14 trade agreements may mean you can enter international markets with 0% or reduced import duties.

Join Allison Boulton of Export Navigator and a special guest speaker in this interactive webinar to learn about Canada’s top free trade agreements and how to achieve exporting success.
21-storey wooden tower with 216 rental homes proposed for Vancouver

The final phase of the Main Alley tech campus in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant Industrial Area will be one of the world’s tallest mass timber buildings. The provincial government announced this week a $500,000 grant has been awarded to local developer Westbank for the construction of a 21-storey rental housing tower that will demonstrate the feasibility of low-carbon tall wood construction for purpose-built rental housing.
New Sawmill Opens in Port Alberni as lumber demand soars
Skye Ryan

The soaring price of lumber has Vancouver Island sawmills running at full speed right now to turn out coveted building materials.
As the essential building blocks of B.C.’s skyrocketing housing industry, lumber now cost as much as three times what it did before the pandemic.
8 Innovative Mass Timber Projects on The Rise
8 recently-announced mass timber demonstration projects have received support to grow BC’s expertise and advance wood construction. BC’s design practitioners, developers, construction contractors, provincial and municipal code, permitting and approval agencies will benefit from the lessons learned from these building projects and resulting research.
Study shows B.C.’s forest industry has big economic impact

A new economic study released today by the BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) shows that B.C.’s forest industry continues to generate significant economic activity in every region of the province.
Scribbles from the virtual 2021 COFI convention
Paul Harder

“Transitioning to high value over high volume production will be a key element of a revitalized B.C. forest industry. The shift to value-added will help people by creating sustainable forestry jobs across B.C. We need to get more from less. Our government wants to make sure fibre is getting to manufacturers who can add more value and create more jobs as a result.”

– Hon. Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development