February 21, 2020

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Wood Spotlight: Research Begins to Show Wellness with Wood
In Memory of Judson Beaumont
Wood Design & Building Award Winners Announced
Mass Timber Towers Up to 12 Storeys Approved for Alberta
Wood Construction Costing Beyond 2020: Drilling Down Through Details
Made in Vancouver Awards
UBC Wood Products Processing Co-op Job Postings Call for Summer 2020
WMC Management Skills Training Online Courses
You are Invited to Participate in the Trade Accelerator Program
Export Ready: Understanding Global Money
Spotlight: Source Forest Products
Spring Cottage Life Show
Marketplace: 2007 CANTEK...50" Planer / Sander
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Industry News
Wood Spotlight: Research Begins to Show Wellness with Wood
Matthew Harty | Journal of Commerce

Built over twenty years ago, the Forest Sciences Centre at the University of British Columbia -with its soaring, timber-framed atrium and tree-like wood columns supporting a massive skylight-is the closest thing you'll find to an indoor forest canopy. David Fell, former research leader at FPInnovations, sees this building designed by DGBK Architects as "the ultimate relaxed environment, where people come from all over the campus to study."

The popularity of the almost entirely wood space, filled with natural light and finished with Douglas-fir and bigleaf maple veneer, inspired Fell to dig a little deeper. In 2010, he launched a study to investigate the health benefits of wood in the built indoor environment. In the last few decades, studies have shown that exposure to nature can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels, while cognitive performance, concentration skills, and even creativity are seen to improve. Nonetheless, Canadians spend as little as 6 percent of their time outdoors.

Industry News
In Memory of Judson Beaumont, the Furniture Designer Who Changed the Way We Thought About Furniture
Anicka Quin | Western Living Magazine

As anyone who's toured 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver knows-more than likely on the East Side Culture Crawl-the first time you stumbled into Judson Beaumont's studio, Straight Line Designs, was a trip. The name itself was the cheeky antithesis of Judson's designs: his furniture was all glorious curves, all how-the-hell-did-he-make-that-by-hand playfulness of cartoon-like chests of drawers, the grandfather clock that was more grandfather than clock, the coffee table that appeared to lift one of its legs to piddle on the carpet.

He created a dreamscape of designs that delighted kids and adults alike. "My rule is: if you can draw and design it, you can build it," he said on Straight Lines' website. "I love it when someone tells me, 'You cannot build that' or 'No one would want that.' These words only encourage me more."

Perhaps not surprisingly for anyone who could create such a dreamworld, Judson himself was just a delightful human. He was one of the very first wood shops in Parker, and was supportive of the designers both in his close community at Parker and across Western Canada. 

Industry News
Wood Design & Building Award Winners Announced
Wood Design & Building

Wood Design and Building AWARDS | 2019
If the video does not play, please click here.

The Wood Design & Building Magazine has announced the winning projects from the coveted Wood Design & Building Awards program. Launched in 1984, the awards program recognizes and celebrates the outstanding work of visionaries around the world who inspire excellence in wood architecture. 
Industry News
Mass Timber Towers Up to 12 Storeys Approved for Alberta
Brian Burton | Calgary Harald

Alberta home builders now have about a two-year head start on adopting new mass timber technologies to build high-rise multi-family homes faster and at lower costs to buyers, experts say.

Alberta Municipal Affairs Min. Kaycee Madu announced Jan. 24 the province is now allowing wood-frame construction of condo and apartment buildings up to 12 storeys tall. The previous limit was six storeys.

Proponents say new wood products and high-rise (seven to 12 storeys) wood-frame building codes will provide fire and safety ratings greater than those for mid-rise and single-storey wood-frame construction. Structural wood components would have minimum direct-flame fire resistance ratings between 50 minutes and two hours. Such mass-timber projects would be more sustainable and have a lower carbon footprint than conventional concrete and steel buildings.

Industry News
Wood Construction Costing Beyond 2020: Drilling Down Through Details
Wood WORKS!  BC 
With BC's recent early adoption of the 2020 national building code, there will soon be a surge of taller mass timber buildings in planning and construction. As the new code, objectives, innovative systems and construction capabilities advance wood construction, it's becoming increasingly important to understand how wood building projects differ in planning, timing and costing.

Wood WORKS! BC, in partnership with VRCA and ICBA and with support from BC Wood, is pleased to present two important workshops tailored to help different sectors understand the differences in pricing wood projects relative to other materials. Experienced professionals will share their knowledge and experience - both successes and challenges.

These two workshops (happening on the same day and tailored for two different groups) - will feature presenters with extensive experience in wood projects, from concept through detailed estimating and to final assembly.



When: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Time: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Where: Fairmont Waterfront Hotel - Waterfront Ballroom - 900 Canada Place, Vancouver




When: Wednesday March 4, 2020

Time: 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Where: Fairmont Waterfront Hotel - Waterfront Ballroom Foyer - 900 Canada Place, Vancouver 


Industry News
Made in Vancouver Awards

Vancouver  Magazine's Made in Vancouver Awards spotlight the city's best homegrown goods, from artisanal hot sauces to handcrafted bags to eco-chic outerwear. This brand new awards program is your chance to share your locally made products with our esteemed judges and our editorial team; winners will be featured in the July/August issue of the magazine.

Competition Details:
  • Entry fee is $70 per product.
  • Entries close March 13, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Industry News
UBC Wood Products Processing Co-op Job Postings Call for Summer 2020

Co-op postings for the Summer 2020 term (May 2020 start) are noe being accepted. For more information, please view the program overview, examples of co-op positions for Wood Products Processing students and a job template Students are available for 4 month (May to August) or 8 month (May to December).

Students are qualified for positions related to marketing/sales, business process analyses/improvements, engineering processes, manufacturing, quality control, research, testing and technical analysis.

For a list of potential co-op funding opportunities, please go to: www.forestry.ubc.ca/students/co-op/employers/funding/

*Please note that students get taken up quite quickly so it is highly recommend to send job descriptions as soon as possible and move quickly with the recruitment process.

December 18th
First round co-op job postings due for employers that would like to have access to all available Wood Products Processing co-op students that are looking for a position.
Please note that we accept job postings from now into May.

January 20th
UBC sends student applications to employers for initial job postings.
Only for postings submitted by December 18th.

On-going after January 2nd: 2 week cycle
(Job postings are accepted from now throughout May)
Positions received on an ongoing basis throughout the semester will be posted on a two-week cycle.
You will receive applicants by two weeks from the posting date.
Industry News
WMC Management Skills Training Online Courses

UBC - Centre for Advanced Wood Processing is pleased to announce the 2020 schedule for the WMC Management Skills Training online courses.

March 9 - April 20
Sales and Marketing
March 9 - April 20
Factory Planning ad Equipment Justification 
April 20 - June 15
Production Planning
April 20 - June 15
Marketing Green Products
September 15 - October 26
Quality Management and Control
September 15 - October 26
Business Finance
October 26 - December 7
Supply Chain Management
October 26 - December 7
New Product Development

These affordably-priced online courses teach skills such as production planning, quality management, new product development, and equipment justification to workplace learners in the wood products industries. Each module requires about 5hrs of study per week for 6 or 8  weeks. The courses were designed specifically for the wood products industry and the content is based on case studies from the various sub-sectors. Our goal is to teach skills that can be immediately applied in the workforce related to production, purchasing, HR, QC, equipment evaluation and purchase, sales/marketing, and new product development. These are NOT academic courses, and the skills learned can be applied immediately in the workplace. Each course is led by a tutor with extensive industry experience. For more information on these courses please click the following link: Management Skills Training Program.
For more information on the courses please contact Jason Chiu at 604 822-0082.
Industry News
You are Invited to Participate in the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)
World Trade Centre

New trade agreements and a competitive Canadian dollar make it an ideal time to extend your company's reach through the export of goods and services.

World Trade Centre Vancouver has successfully delivered Canada's Trade Accelerator Program (TAP), in B.C. since 2017. 

The Trade Accelerator Program is designed to help SMEs TAP into their full export potential.  It has a proven track record helping participants get results.

Just six months after graduating the program:
  • On average, export revenue increased by 28%
  • Participants forecast their export sales to grow 47% over the next 5 years
By enrolling in TAP Canada you can:
  • Navigate complexities of the global trade ecosystem
  • Leverage Canada's deep trade and investment resources
  • Access tailored, face-to-face coaching and advice
  • Learn about international best practices
  • Accelerate export readiness
  • Develop and implement a new market entry plan
  • Expand your global trade footprint and increase revenue 
Upcoming Workshops
March 9, 10, 18, April 14, 2020
Application Deadline                  
February 24, 2020
Registration: 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.
Workshop Program: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Participation Fee:
$5,000* per company
*Bursaries available for qualified companies.
Industry News
Export Ready: Understanding Global Money
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 9:30AM to 11:00AM

Tradeshows are crucial to expanding your sales outside B.C.'s borders. But the culture, etiquette and expectations of doing business in each country are different. So how do you prepare?

Join us for this free interactive seminar and learn the dos and don'ts of international business, how to get the most of out of your trip, and learn about the cultural elements that impact business decision-making.

Hear insights from Allison Boulton, Program Manager of Export Navigator, as well as a guest speaker from Export Development Canada.

Key takeaways:
  • Learn how to prepare for a tradeshow and the funding programs to get you there
  • Find out how to develop tradeshow leads and have more successful interactions
  • Learn about upcoming B.C. and Canadian pavilions at trade shows around the world
  • Discover key etiquette and culture tips for doing business cross-culturally
Marketing & Sales Tips
"It's Show Time!"
Neil Godin | ndgodin@shaw.ca

Preparing for a trade show? Plan to make your investment pay!
I received an email a few days ago from a client, asking for tips on how to make their participation in an upcoming trade show pay. I replied by updating and sending my "Top Ten Trade Show Tipz and Trix." I hope you find them helpful as well.


1. Focus on your purpose: To generate sales! 

  • The most important point I share with clients is this: "Be clear on your purpose for entering the show. It isn't just to get your name out there - it's to generate sales!"
  • While some exhibitors think it's inappropriate (or difficult) to do so, I urge clients to qualify visitors and make appointments - right there on the trade show floor.
 2. Develop an effective greeting  
  • A great way to start this process - without sounding 'salesy' - is to greet visitors effectively.
  • Rather than asking chit-chat questions like, "Enjoying the show?" why not show interest in your visitors by asking questions like, "Are you getting lots of ideas for your project?" or, "Are you doing some work on your home?"
  • This is a warm way to say hello because it focuses directly on their needs and interests. This helps you build rapport, while beginning to qualify at the same time.
Spotlight: Source Forest Products

Source Forest Products is a forest products manufacturer specializing in value-added product for the log and timberframe sector, primarily free-of-heart, tight-grain, heavy timbers. As the name suggests, the company sources their own wood standing in the bush and ethically harvests the timber throughout the Lower Mainland and the Island. Customers receive products that have literally been hand-selected, to ensure it is precisely what they need. Species harvested include softwoods such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Hemlock, Balsam and Spruce, as well as hardwoods such as Maple, Birch, Alder, and Cotton Wood. Source Forest Products also offers ultra-custom cutting for projects with a grocery list of sizes and grades, while providing the ability to kiln dry and re-saw/surface the wood.

Although the company has gone through a few name changes over the years, the entity started in 2002 when owner Trevor Dyck was only 21 years old. With some background in log home manufacturing, the then Faller started investing in logging equipment of his own for private land logging. A few years later he moved into government licenses and decided to add value to the logs by getting into custom cutting. The custom cutting started with a focus on high-grade West Coast Maple for craft and instruments; however, his ability to source high-grade wood didn't go unnoticed and he was soon taking an array of different orders.

Source Forest Products niche of sourcing the perfect log to manufacturing specific requirements isn't the only thing that makes them stand out. Their keen interest in relationship building has ensured repeat customers. They help produce a high-quality product that will fulfill an architect or designers' vision perfectly.

Over the past year, Trevor Dyck has been moving the company in a vertically integrated direction by offering T&G finished products such as shiplap, siding, soffit material, flooring, wall paneling and other high-end products. By offering these products, customers can pay non-retail pricing while saving time finding sources. This new direction was inspired by the amount of high-grade side cuts Source Forest Products were selling to brokers. Rather than spend the time selling these cuts, they chose to invest and grow the company by offering more products.

Source Forest Products will be attending the upcoming Nikkei Architectural & Construction Materials Show with BC Wood in Tokyo, Japan from March 3rd to 6th. To learn more about the company please visit sourceforest.ca.
Canada Market
Spring Cottage Life Show
Ken Hori | khori@bcwood.com

BC Wood will be participating at the Spring Cottage Life Show in Toronto, March 26-29, 2020.  This show features 600 exhibitors showing all things cottage related from building products to docks to power boats.  With an average audience of 39,000, the Cottage Life Show attracts an elite consumer with a high household income, high net-worth and dual homeowners.  
As the exhibit spaces sell out quickly, if you have an interest in exhibiting at this show or would like more information, please contact Ken Hori at khori@bcwood.com as soon as possible.
2007 CANTEK 50" Planer / Sander
1st Head - Helical Planer
2nd Head - Platen Head Sander
  • 8" thickness capacity
  • comes with sanding belts & extra set of bearings
  • approximately 6,000 lbs
  • 6800 hours
230 volt 3 phase
185A Connected Load
$9500.00 obo

The sander/planer is still hooked up, to view, please call the Live Edge Design office to make an appointment at 250-748-0763.
Will be ready for pick up by the end of February 2020.

Upcoming Events
February 22-23, 2020: Hawaii Island Living & Design Expo, Kona, Hawaii

March 26-29, 2020:  Spring Cottage Life Show, Mississauga, ON

Please stay tuned for our listings of the 2020/21 program events. 
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to email me at kcrowe@bcwood.com.




Kit Crowe
BC Wood
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For more information on BC Wood, visit our website: www.bcwood.com.