Announcing Kit Crowe's Resignation

After close to six years with BC Wood, the association is sad to announce that Kit Crowe will be resigning at the end of 2022. 

Since Kit joined the association, he has been a valuable and well-respected member of our team. The work and contribution, including the extended hours of dedication are greatly honoured. We will miss Kit’s charm, professionalism, empathy and strength. We respect his decision and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

On behalf of everyone at BC Wood, please let us all wish Kit good luck for the future and bid him a happy farewell.
Wood First
Cost-shared Government Funding for Marketing and Business Development
Rumin Mann |

Marketing and Business Development Assessments: 75% cost-share
A marketing expert will review and evaluate your company's marketing activities and strategy. You will then receive a comprehensive summary report that identifies each marketing activity/strategy, recommended changes or improvements, and new marketing activities/strategies that should be considered. Alongside the report, you will receive recommendations on how to accelerate your marketing strategy, as well as how to strengthen and improve your overall brand and messaging to further set you apart from competitors and achieve your desired business goals.

BC Wood can assist you in getting cost-shared government funding to cover a portion of your marketing and business development cost. This funding is available to BC’s value-added wood products industry to assist you with creating new marketing strategies, developing / revamping your branding and brand strategies, sales coaching, training for all aspects of business and marketing, etc. You do not need to be a BC Wood member to access this financial assistance. This cost-share funding is available in the following categories:
UBC Industrial Wood Finishing Certificate Course
Jason Chiu |

January 9 to April 14, 2023
(5-day practical session April 10 to April 14, 2023)

Part-time online training program with a one-week hands-on practical session. North America’s most comprehensive wood finishing certificate program. 
The certificate program provides participants with a broad understanding of the field of wood finishing. It's designed for individuals who have some general experience in wood finishing and would like to expand their knowledge.  
Once completed, participants will have knowledge and experience to do the following:
  • Understand why finish is applied to wood and how wood properties affect finishing
  • To be able to identify the best finishing system based on the end us
  • Trouble-shoot wood finishing problems
  • Design a safe and efficient finishing facility
This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to start a finishing business or to improve an existing one.

Or Email:
BC Wood Program Updates
One Spot Left: WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase
Kit Crowe |

BC Wood will be organizing industry participation at the WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, on January 19 – 20, 2023.

The WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase is one of the largest gatherings of the lumber and building materials industry in Canada, bringing together the industry’s top decision-makers and opinion leaders. The show provides networking opportunities where exhibitors and suppliers can get their products in front of a diverse range of buyers in the industry to develop new markets, generate sales leads, and gain national exposure.

This event is an excellent opportunity for participating BC Wood industry to connect with: 

  •  Lumber and Building Material Associations (Building Material Council of Canada, Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association, Quebec Hardware and Building Supply Association, Lumber and Building materials Association of Ontario, Building Supply Industry Association of BC),
  • Buying Groups (Home Hardware, Castle Building Centres, Federated Co-Operatives, Rona, Timber Mart, Ace Canada, Windsor Plywood, Section Group, Independent Lumber Dealers Co-operative, United Farmer of Alberta Co-operative),
  • Plus, other potential distribution partners from across Canada. 

These retailers feed the construction and renovation markets that are targets of many of our value-added manufacturers.  The distribution partnerships allow BC manufacturers to supply stock across the country, creating favorable pricing, on-demand availability and servicing options.

Exhibition space is limited, so for more information regarding participation at the WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase in BC Wood’s pavilion, please contact Kit Crowe at
Japanese Market Lead Generation Campaign 2023
Jim Ivanoff |

While Japan has reopened its borders recently and we are welcoming members back to in-person events, BC Wood is also creating more opportunities for members to reach wood products buyers without having to directly attend trade shows. One initiative is a cost-effective, multi-pronged, promotional campaign that will market your products both directly to over 8000 of our industry contacts across the country, as well as at the all-important Nikkei Architectural & Construction Materials Show during the first week of March. 
Participating members will only need to submit their contact information, brief company/product profile, logo, and image/ product shot. BC Wood will use this information in several mediums to help promote your products. First, we will produce a 1/4 page company introduction in our soon to be updated professionally produced Japanese language brochure, which will be used at all BC Wood organized trade events over the next two fiscal years (5000 copies). 
This information will also be used to write an article for our Japanese eNewsletter that will reach over 8000 of our contacts. These buyers will be invited to contact the BC Wood Japan Office for more information and an introduction to your company. We will be able to track who interacts with your article and then proactively follow-up with them on your behalf. This content will also be reused to create a company listing on our well visited Japanese website and will be displayed there for the next two years. 
We will also distribute your company information and collect inquiries for you at the upcoming Nikkei Show. Members can send our Japan Office their own brochures and small hand samples that will be put on display in the BC Wood space at the show. Full contact lists will be provided in English after the show. Act fast to be a part of this unique, hybrid/virtual trade show opportunity.

For pricing and more information on this program, please contact Jim Ivanoff (
Buildex - Two Spots Left!
Kit Crowe |

Join us in person at BUILDEX VANCOUVER at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, February 15 & 16, 2023. Register now to exhibit within the featured BC Wood Pavilion and Wood Products Showcase.

BUILDEX VANCOUVER is the largest building industry trade show in Western Canada which features products, services, and technologies relevant to those designing, building, and managing real estate of all kinds. The audience includes Architects, Designers, Engineers, Construction Managers, Contractors, Builders, Developers, Property Managers, and Industry professionals.

The event will be organized in accordance with official government and local authority guidelines, as well as any venue or location-specific regulations. BUILDEX Vancouver aims to deliver the highest levels of hygiene and safety, providing the community reassurance and confidence that they are participating in a controlled environment.

For information on attending at cost-shared rates, please contact Kit Crowe at
Mexico In-Person Trade Mission & Show 2023
Ken Hori |

BC Wood will be organizing a tradeshow and mission of BC lumber exporters and value-added wood manufacturers to Mexico, March 5 – 11, 2023.

The trade event will include:
  • Business-to-business meetings with potential buyers throughout Mexico
  • Manufacturing site visits, including driver and interpreter
  • Participation at the MEM Industrial tradeshow in Mexico City

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Ken Hori at
Highlights From the Bond Custom Home and the Multifamily ProConnect Events
Dave Farley |

We have just finished a busy month of trade shows and market activities with four events in a little over 25 days. Here are a few highlights of the first two events; The Bond Custom Home, and the Multifamily ProConnect.

BC Wood and member companies participated in the Bond Custom Home event, October 18 -22 in San Diego. This was an excellent event where members met directly with architects who specialize in the custom and vacation home sector. While there was concern of the effects of inflation and a slowing economy, there was still plenty of opportunity, especially in the resort sector. According to architects we met with, their high-net-worth clients are not willing to sit on the sidelines waiting for the economy to settle. As a Boulder Colorado based architect commented, “money while important, has become a secondary issue to time” and that the Pandemic “reinforced the scarcity and value of time.” Some other interesting comments out of Bond included the continued strong trend of modern and contemporary design in custom home sector, and finally the growth of the “Party Barn” concept, which we will review in the upcoming issue of Wood Connections.

After the Bond Custom Home event, we participated in the Multi Family ProConnect event which coincidently also took place in San Diego. The event provided BC Industry with a terrific opportunity to meet with builders and developers from the across North America who specialize in the multi family sector. Highlights from ProConnect were that this sector is more concerned about the impact of a slowing economy and higher interest rates than the custom home market. Developers, while still moving forward with projects, especially on the West Coast of the US, said they are concerned about the impact of supply chains, the scarcity of labour and “runaway inflation.” Opportunity for our sector was in innovative products including the strong interest in CLT and Mass Timber and in the high-quality fibre and finished building materials from British Columbia.

In the next issue of Wood Connections we will continue our review with the Greenbuild and NAWLA Traders Market.
Industry News
Top Marks for Timber: The Endless Possibilities of Wood 

What are the benefits of building schools with wood? How can we build educational facilities that are flexible, while supporting student well-being and learning? What role can biophilic design and mass timber play? Our latest blog goes deep into the recently published Wood Use in British Columbia Schools report by architects thinkspace and engineers Fast + Epp on the advances in wood technology, mass timber, applicable building codes, and the different types of wood construction in schools. The blog discusses how wood-built schools can boost students’ well-being, cut carbon, speed up construction, and offer flexible, earthquake-resistant design. 
As Forestry Evolves, PowerWood Looks to Solidify Wood Supply Guarantee
Agassiz Harrison Observer

Even as old-growth logging declines, wood manufacturers like Agassiz’s own PowerWood could see increased manufacturing possibilities. However, that potential expansion comes with risk.
2022-23 Wood Design & Building Awards is now open for submission(s)! 
Canadian Wood Council

We are pleased to open our Call for Entries and invite North American and International submissions to the 2022-23 Wood Design and Building Awards program recognizing excellence in wood architecture. 

The Wood Design & Building Awards program recognizes design teams that are passionate about celebrating wood as a safe, strong and sophisticated building material.
Entries should showcase the use of wood products in any, or several, of their many forms and applications. Entries should also demonstrate an understanding of the special properties of wood including strength, durability, beauty, and cost-effectiveness.
Sansin’s FireStop97 Now Passes ASTM E2768 Extended Duration Test

Strathroy, Ontario, Canada – October 20, 2022 – The Sansin Corporation today announced that its FireStop97 flame spread protection conforms to ASTM E84, ASTM E2768 and Canadian Standard CAN/ULC-S102-10.

Recent testing at a major accredited fire testing facility in Texas confirmed Firestop97 meets the requirements of ASTM E2768 Standard Test Method for Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials – 30 minute Tunnel Test.

The purpose of this fire-test-response standard is to evaluate the ability of a product to limit the surface spread of flame when evaluated for 30 minutes. This fire-test-response standard uses the apparatus and procedure of Test Method E84 with the total test period extended to 30 minutes.

Now, FireStop97 can be used as part of an Alternate Means and Methods to omit sprinklers per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 Standard based on the extended 30 minute test results.
A Second Footbridge Over the Bow River

The Nancy Pauw Bridge is set in the heart of Banff, spanning the Bow River to connect Central Park to the Banff Recreation Grounds. The bridge creates an iconic connection between these two important elements of social infrastructure in the Town, in addition to being a destination in its own right – giving Banff residents and visitors alike a new way to experience the beauty of the Bow River and Rocky Mountain vistas.
Deputy Premier Says Forestry an Industry in Transition, but has ‘Strong Future’ on the Island
Nanaimo News Bulletin

Mike Farnworth, B.C.’s minister of public safety and deputy premier, was the final speaker at this week’s State of Vancouver Island Economic Summit in Nanaimo and said the province will continue working with industry to move from “high-volume to high-value production.”
Douglas Todd: B.C. Surpasses the Rest for Mass-timber Buildings
Vancouver Sun

More mass-timber wooden buildings have been built in B.C. than in almost the entire United States. A total of 307 of the environmentally friendly, laminated wooden buildings have been constructed in B.C., compared to 356 in all of the U.S.
Climate Changed: How B.C. homebuilders and residents are adapting to a warming world
Vancouver Sun

The home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood generates more energy than it consumes and demonstrates how a highly efficient building is also more resilient to the effects of climate change, such as bouts of extreme heat, and smoke from wildfires that persisted well into this autumn in southwestern British Columbia.
Partnership Wins 2022 Indigenous Business Award for Cariboo partnership
The Williams Lake Tribune

A Williams Lake-based business Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. has been recognized with a 2022 Indigenous Business Award.

Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. has been awarded Business Partnership of the Year by the BC Achievement Foundation.
Mass Timber a Key Component to Kelowna Airport Terminal Expansion
Construct Connect

A large, multi-year expansion project planned for the terminal at Kelowna International Airport (YLW) in B.C. promises to transform the gateway to the Okanagan into a flexible, future-ready venue that will give departing passengers a panoramic view of the runway and surrounding mountainous landscape.
UBC researchers combine science and robotics for wood, cellulose

At the University of British Columbia (UBC), researchers are combining science and robotics to develop new and creative uses for wood and cellulose.

UBC’s Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) has been investigating how robotics can be used in wood processing.
Driving Change in the Built Environment
Remi Network

Mass timber buildings are continuing to increase in size, height and complexity around the world. In B.C., legislation now allows for mass timber buildings up to 12 storeys. With climate change at the forefront of conversations, the provincial government is driving change in the built environment by mandating mass timber construction for new buildings in public procurements.
New Employment Opportunities Support Forestry workers
BC Gov News

More employment opportunities are underway for contractors and forestry workers throughout rural B.C. under the Province’s Forest Employment Program (FEP)
BC Wood Trade Activities
BC Wood’s programs are open to all value-added wood product manufacturers in British Columbia. By participating with BC Wood, you will be adding our staff of business development experts to your sales and marketing team. If you are ready to grow, call BC Wood at 604-882-7100 or 1-877-4BC-WOOD for more information on our programming.