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Wood is the Word

The topic of wood seemed to be the most popular throughout our 2021 continuing-education events. The underlying message was that specifying wood is good for the environment, and it benefits the building and its occupants. Here’s a summary of why wood is the word used most these days.
Good news…we no longer need to save the trees. The sustainable forests throughout the world are managed responsibly. Often when trees are harvested, twice as many are planted. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t recycle, but it does mean that wood products can be specified without guilt.
Old trees should be cut down. When mature trees are not harvested and left to die in the forest and decay, the process of carbon sequestration is reversed, increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Using mature trees for building extends our ability to sequester carbon. Harvesting those mature trees allows us to plant young, rapid-carbon-absorbing trees that produce more oxygen.
Harvesting and manufacturing wood products uses the least amount of energy compared to other building products like concrete, steel, and glass.
Plan It
Real or Artificial:
Which Christmas Tree is Best for the Environment?

Although artificial trees win points for reuse, live Christmas trees win in so many other ways. Most importantly, real trees absorb carbon, whereas fake trees generate extensive carbon emissions during manufacturing and transportation from China.

Real trees come from sustainable forests that employee US farmers. And, once the holidays are over, real trees can be recycled into local natural habitat projects. Artificial trees cannot be recycled and will not decompose in the landfill.

Read the article from The Nature Conservancy HERE.

Did You Know
The number of live Christmas trees currently growing in US farms with 25-30 million trees sold each year.
source: National Christmas Tree Association
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