August 2022
And that's a wrap on Summer Camp!

Awesome entertainment in our Annual Talent Show!
Our counselors have talent too!
The Woodbury Public Library spoils our camp! Another great read followed by a fun craft! Thank you Woodbury Public Library!
Park & Rec Pup "Peanut" making sure everyone is ready to go!
Field trip fun! Maritime Aquarium was great!
Who doesn't love a good Foam Party?!?! K-6 Campers sure did!
A visit to the Connecticut Science Center is always interesting!
Our dedicated Teen Travel Camp Counselors have been all over Connecticut this summer! We are so lucky to have such a great Summer Camp Staff!
Bouncing around at Urban Air Adventure Park!
The Teen Travel Camp at Six Flags, Agawam!
Baby Alpacas came to visit!
We loved them!
Thank you, JD Farm!
We had lots of fun with our friends from Litchfield County 4-H! Thanks for coming to visit us!
Camp would NOT be possible without the AMAZING support from the Woodbury Middle School…specifically the office staff and this custodial crew right here!!!

We are beyond lucky to work with them! Thank you again to the All Star Staff at Woodbury Middle School! Your kindness is so appreciated!
Our Summer Concert Series Continues!
Our Summer Concert Series continues, throughout the summer, every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. Our final concert will be on August 24th.

Come down to Hollow Park and enjoy an evening of fine music by local talent! Bring a picnic, and a folding chair or blanket.

It's a great way to spend a summer evening!

The Summer Concert Series is sponsored by Woodbury Parks & Recreation and Newtown Savings Bank. NSB will be collecting donations for the Woodbury Food Pantry.
The Jolly Beggars on August 3rd!
The Jolly Beggars bring the rich tradition of Celtic folk music and storytelling to modern day audiences. Based out of Connecticut, their traditional songs and musical arrangements have exposed many to the joys of Celtic music. They tell traditional stories from Irish folklore and intersperse their musical arrangements with traditional reels and jigs. Characterized by their tight harmonies and use of guitars, mandolin, tin whistles, octave mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo, double bass, bodhran, spoons, and more, The Jolly Beggars have quickly built a solid following and continue to spread their music around the east coast.

The band performs music that is largely Celtic in origin (Irish and Scottish), with some pieces coming from an extension of that music in other cultures.
Wednesday, August 3rd, is Town of Woodbury Volunteer Appreciation Day! During the concert, check in at the Volunteers Table to get your ticket for a free treat from the Ice Cream Emergency Truck!
Private Violin and Viola Lessons 
Lisa Laquidara, Instructor 

Tuesdays, 2:30 - 5:00 pm (30 min time slot)
The student is responsible for renting or buying his or her own instrument. The instructor may require one or more music books be purchased prior to the start of lessons. Classical method of violin playing is taught, though these techniques can be applied to all styles of violin playing including jazz, country and Irish fiddle.

Lisa Laquidara is a professional violinist and teacher. 

Age: 7 years to adult
Time:  30 minute time slots, Mondays or Tuesdays (call for a time)         
Dates: Six week session, ongoing
Location: Woodbury Middle School or Rec House in Summer
Fee: $195 for residents, $205 for non-region 14

My Grown Up & Me 
Courtney Ewing, Instructor
This open-ended process focused class is the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of sensory and creative art. Children 18 months and up will explore various sensory materials, collaborative painting projects, open ended materials, and the freedom to move at their own pace in their own time while making new friends! Come have some fun with us!

Tuesdays: 10:00am - 10:45am
Fridays: 10:00am - 10:45am

Fall Session 1 Tuesdays: 9/13 to 10/18
Fall Session 1 Fridays: 9/16 to 10/21
Fall Session 2 Tuesdays: 11/1 to 12/13
Fall Session 2 Fridays:11/4 to 12/16

Fee: $95 per session for residents
$105 per session for non-residents

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Character Development
for Kids 
Monkey Bar Gym, Woodbury

Did you know that Martial Arts Training is 10 times better than Team Sports for developing a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence? Here at Soulcraft BJJ Woodbury we teach the skills that will last a lifetime! This 6 week program will teach your child fundamentals of self-defense, team work, improved self-confidence and introduce them to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as popularized by the Gracie Family of Brazil.

We’ve designed our program to teach the core values of jiu jitsu as a lifestyle—striving to create a fun and practical approach to not only prepare children to defend themselves so they don’t have to; but as a way to teach respect, self-confidence, teamwork and valuable listening skills they can carry into the classroom and beyond.

Mondays, 5:00pm to 5:45pm
Fall Session 1: 9/12 to 10/17
Fall Session 2: 10/24 to 11/28
Fee: $100 per session for residents
$110 per session for non-residents

Food Explorers Summer Camp
Five-day program    

Join Food Explores to Taste the Rainbow! Explore new flavors, cooking techniques and recipes by delving into a new color each day, learning all about foods of that color.   

You’ll also discover fun facts about food and nutrition through interactive games and activities between recipes. Each day will feature a snack and a meal. All recipes are nut free and some will contain dairy and/or eggs.

Age: Grades 2 to 4
Times: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Dates: August 8 - 12
Location: Rec House
Fee: $145 for residents, $155 for non-residents.   
Join Food Explorers for a Week of Baking! Improve your baking skills by creating two new recipes each day, learning the basics like pastry, dough and more.

Plus, you’ll learn all about food, cooking and nutrition as you go! Each day will feature a snack and meal. All recipes are nut free and some will contain dairy and/or eggs.

Age: Grades 3 to 6
Times: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Dates: August 8 - 12
Location: Rec House
Fee: $145 for residents, $155 for non-residents.   

Ballet for Young Dancers 
Main Street Ballet, Woodbury

Enchanted Ballet (age 3)
Instructor: Alexandra Koulouris
Saturdays: 9:30am to 10:15am
Fall Session 1: 9/17 to 10/15
Fall Session 2: 10/22 to 11/19
Fee: $70 per session for residents
$80 per session for non-residents

PreK & Kindergarten Ballet (ages 4 and 5)
Instructor: Liz Skalksi
Tuesdays: 5:00pm - 5:45pm
9/13 to 10/25

Fee: $100 per session for residents
$110 per session for non-residents

Skyhawks Sports Camps
Five day program 


New classes!
Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
and Qigong

Traditional Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu & Qigong Class for Health
Learn what the old masters have known for centuries, that Shaolin Kung Fu's true origin is as a fitness system for the mind, body and spirit, designed to preserve and prolong life.

This non-contact class is easy to start for people of almost any level of physical fitness. You'll improve your stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and general well-being.  

About the Instructor:
Sifu Adam Tilbe has been studying and teaching the traditional martial arts for over 20 years. Sifu Adam has been fortunate enough to receive both weekly and monthly lessons from two of the most respected masters in the United States and has also travelled to China on several occasions to perform and to train directly with the monks at Shaolin Temple.

Thursdays, 6:15pm to 7:15pm
Fall Session 1: 9/8 to 10/13
Fall Session 2: 10/20 to 12/1
Location: Old Town Hall, 5 Mountain Road
Fee: $99 per 6-week session for resident
$109 per 6-week session for non-residents

Tai Chi and Qigong
With Adam Tilbe

These classes will teach you a simple, but powerful set of exercises that can help you improve your health, posture, and lifestyle. All these gentle, effective, exercises are performed standing up and at your comfort level. You will also learn the movements of the Yang style short form and its applications.

Benefits of Tai Chi include: reduced stress and anxiety, increased mental clarity, enhanced mind/body connection, improved balance, stability and coordination, improved joint mobility and flexibility, increased range of motion, improved strength and muscle tone and improved respiratory function.

For more information or any questions Contact
(203) 982-9253
Wednesdays, Group & Form Class
Group Class: 9:15am – 10:15am
Form Class: 10:15am – 10:45am

Fall Session 1: 9/7 to 10/12
Fall Session 2: 10/19 to 11/23
Fall Session 3: 11/30 to 12/21

Location: Old Town Hall, 5 Mountain Road
Fee:  Group Class: $99 per 6-week session. $109 per 6-week session for non-residents Form Class: $45 per 6-week session. 
$55 per 6-week session for non-residents.  
Tai Chi and Qigong Group Class
9:15am - 10:15am
In this class you will learn a simple, but powerful set of qigong exercises that can help you improve your health, posture, balance, energy level, and lifestyle. These gentle, effective, exercises are performed slowly, standing up, and at your individual comfort level. Class also includes introduction to the Yang style 24 step Tai Chi form.

Tai Chi Form Class: Immediately following the Group Class, 10:15 am (MUST HAVE TAKEN 1 session of the Group Class before participating.) After the first class is over, take your practice to the next level by learning and practicing the movements of the traditional Yang Style 24 step Tai Chi form. This class is designed to help each student to progress at their own speed and includes individualized instruction tailored to each student’s current level. 

Cardio Kickbox & Sculpt
With Tricia Marino-Brown

Thursdays, 3:30 to 4:30
Session 1: 9/8 to 10/13
Session 2: 10/27 to 12/8
$65 for residents and Region 14 employees
$75 for non-residents

Begin with a 30 min high-energy cardio workout that challenges all levels. The last 30 minutes will consist of full body conditioning, flexibility and core work. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories with this fun workout in a no judgement zone.

All levels are welcome as modifications will be shown.

Line Dancing for Fitness
With Tricia Marino-Brown

Tuesdays, 4:30 to 5:30
6-week sessions
Session 1: 9/6 to 10/11
Session 2: 10/25 to 11/29
$65 for residents and Region 14 employees
$75 for non-residents

Wednesdays, 6:00pm to 7:00pm
4-week session
Session: 9/28 to 10/19
$45 for residents and Region 14 employees
$55 for non-residents

Come join the fun! Learn to line dance in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere. We will dance to both country and pop songs. No experience necessary. By the end of the session, you will know 7-10 different dances. End the last 15 min with core/mat work.
Disc (Frisbee) Golf     
Join us at Woodbury’s own Disc Golf Course (Frisbee Golf) in Orenaug Park!

Park at the Senior Center and start right there at the first tee. Come if you have played, come if you have never played, and Ray will teach you the basics and you can have fun giving one of New England’s fastest growing sports from there. Fun for the whole family, fun for a group to blow off steam after work, just come along and try your hand at this great way to get some exercise and enjoy a walk in the woods at the same time!
Age:    Age 12 to adult
Time:  Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Dates: Ongoing - Tuesday Nights while weather allows.
Location: Orenaug Disc Golf Course, Senior Center Parking Lot Entrance to the Park
Fee:  Free! Please Register online so that we may contact you with any changes in the schedule.

Yoga Teacher Training
With Megan Lutz

Peaceful Way Wellness Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Level is a Hatha Yoga journey toward wholeness by yoking mind, body, and breath. The training explores yoga postures to prepare the body for consciousness, breathing to cleanse the mind, meditation to connect with your notion of the divine and theoretical, philosophical, and historical content that allows the pathway for inner freedom.

The hybrid (in-person & virtual via Zoom) training meets in-person or live on-line every fourth Sunday of the month and the Wednesday after (live on-line) from September 25, 2022 through August 27, 2023. In addition to the real time training dates, it includes a self-paced mix of virtual pre-recorded videos and on-line training assignments. 

Emperatriz Ochoa, Licensed ZUMBA® Instructor

Moving the world to a new beat!

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.

Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check! The benefits are a total workout, combining all elements of fitness: cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class!
Burn Up to 1,000 CALORIES in 1-HOUR!!!!

Summer Session 2:
Mondays, 6:30 to 7:30pm, 8/15 to 9/26
$65.00 for residents
$75.00 for non-residents

Sculpt & Tone
With Tricia Marino-Brown

Tuesdays, 3:30 to 4:20
Session 1: 9/6 to 10/11
Session 2: 10/25 to 11/29
$60 for residents and Region 14 employees
$70 for non-residents
Old Town Hall, 5 Mountain Road

A body sculpting class combining functional strength-training exercises to help burn calories, increase flexibility and tone muscles. In addition, there will be balance and stability exercises.

This class will focus on adding definition to your physique with higher reps and lower weight.

All levels are welcome as modifications will be shown.
Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation 
With Megan Lutz

Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation includes centering body-mind breath guided postures and a visual guided meditation. The postures build strength, stability, flexibility, awareness, and increased energy. The meditation is a deep sense-based healing experience. Each class incorporates a creative theme to foster compassion and connection.

Old Town Hall, 5 Mountain Road
Two Mini-Sessions available!
Thursdays 7:00am to 8:00am, 8/4 to 8/18
Mondays  6:15pm to 7:15pm, 8/8 to 8/22
$32.50 for residents
$37.5 for non-residents

Upcoming Sessions
Fall Session 1:
Thursdays, 7:00 to 8:00am, 9/8 to 10/13
$65.00 for residents
$75.00 for non-residents

Mondays, 6:15 to 7:15pm, 9/12 to 10/24
$65.00 for residents
$75.00 for non-residents

Fall Session 2:
Thursdays, 7:00 to 8:00am, 10/20 to 12/01
$65.00 for residents
$75.00 for non-residents

Mondays, 6:15 to 7:15pm, 10/31 to 12/05
$65.00 for residents
$75.00 for non-residents

Pilates Mat Class 
(Virtual and In-Person)
With Megan Lutz

The virtual class meets on ZOOM.

Pilates Mat strengthens and lengthens key muscles of the pelvis, ribcage, shoulder girdle, spine, back and abdominals. Its benefits include a healthier back, toned abdominals, stronger pelvic floor, increased bone density, greater postural awareness, better breathing, and flexibility. The class uses a Pilates ring, 3 lb weights and a glider. 

Pilates Mat Virtual Class meets through zoom from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Email Megan if you need to know where to purchase these items at

Golf Lessons
Golf Quest offers group lessons year-round, under the direction of Pete Stankevich, PGA Golf Professional.  

Adult Novice, Women Only, and Junior Clinics start at the beginning of each month and meet on the same day and at the same time for each of the 4-one hour sessions. Classes include fundamentals of the set-up, fundamentals of the golf swing, how to play with irons and woods, pitching, bunker play, chipping, putting, rules and etiquette, and much more.  

For the first class, students will need a 7 iron and 5 iron. Clubs will be furnished for those who need them. Clubs needed for subsequent classes will be discussed at the end of each session.

Adult Novice 
Golf Quest offers Adult Novice classes that consist of 4 one hour sessions covering a wide variety of topics. They are designed for the beginner golfer who has yet to pick up a club, as well as the more seasoned player who is struggling to break 100 and needs to work on different areas of their game. Students may bring their own clubs or we will provide them for you.
Women Only 
Golf Quest offers Women Only classes that are designed for the beginner golfer who is interested in learning the game, as well as the more experienced golfer who is looking to take their game to the next level. Classes consist of 4 one-hour sessions on weekday evenings that cover a wide variety of topics. Students may bring their own clubs or we will provide them for you.
Golf Quest offers Junior Group Lessons that consist of 4 one hour sessions covering a wide variety of topics. They are designed for the junior golfer (ages 7-14) who has never played before, as well as the more experienced player who wants to learn more about the game and improve their score.  Students may bring their own clubs or we will provide them for you.

Please be aware that the Parks & Recreation building, located at 7 Mountain Road, will be under construction beginning this week and continuing for the next five to seven weeks.

During that time, the way to enter the office will be moving from one door to another. Please follow the signs and multi-colored cones to our temporary entrance.
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If you have any questions, or need help with registration
please call 203-263-3113 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please note: The Woodbury Middle School Tennis Courts are owned and operated by Region 14. Any maintenance issues or lighting requests should be directed to the Region Business Office at 203-263-4330.

The Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department does not have any jurisdiction over these courts. Thank you!
Please refer to the following websites for registration and deadlines:

Baseball and Softball
Woodbury Baseball and Softball

Men's Softball
Woodbury Men's Softball

Woodbury/Bethlehem Youth Soccer (WBYS)