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September 2021

Buckbee's Book Corner

Book Review: White Pine
by Andrew Vietze

White Pine is a new book by author Andrew Vietze. It is only 218 pages and an easy and fast read. It is a well-researched history of the vitally important role that the eastern white pine Pinus strobus played in the history of the United States, particularly our colonial and revolutionary periods. If you are a history buff, or have lived in the northeast or lake states, you should enjoy this book. 

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OSAF Featured Member:
Demetrios Gatziolis

I was born in Thessaloniki, Makedonia, the second largest city in Greece and densely populated metropolis rich in history and … concrete. Every year in the summer I was sent to my parents’ village located 30 miles outside the city. The village has mountains to its south that were covered with medium density, hardwood forest slowly regrowing after its demise during World War II. The forest was grazed heavily by goats, and most trees were ill-formed. Heavy summer downpours caused floods that damaged crops and even structures in and around the village. I kept hearing old-timers lamenting the destruction of the pre-war dense oak forest that did not allow floods and sustained wildlife. I was wondering what I could do to restore the land.
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A quarter-century-old harvesting restriction intended to last one year has served as an obstacle to returning eastern Oregon national forests to the healthier, more fire-resilient conditions they embodied in the late 1800s, research by the Oregon State University College of Forestry shows.
Northwest Office Update
Although summer is a time when work slows because of vacations, Melinda and I remained busy this summer. One project we started was working with the website designer to finalize the new design for the forestry.org website. And last month, we began migrating content over, which is very exciting! As we are migrating the content over, I am identifying the pages that need updated and am reaching out the appropriate people to obtain new content. If you have ideas for new content, don't hesitate to reach out.
The summer issue of the Western Forester is out, and I'm already finalizing the storyboard for the fall issue whose theme is "The Business of Consulting Forestry." Looking ahead to the winter 2022 issue, whose theme is "What's New in Forest Operations," I'm looking for article ideas and authors, so please reach out if you have suggestions. And if you would like hardcopies to pass out, please let me know and I'll drop them in the mail for you. 
As chapter meetings resume, remember that the Zoom account is available for virtual meetings. Please pass along meeting announcements so they can be posted on the website and shared through the tri-state email that I send out. If you need help accessing the Zoom account, please email Melinda at melinda@forestry.org.

Andrea Watts
SAF NWO manager

An out-of-state view of the timber industry and environmental groups' agreement.
Bryson Leander's research into the Private Forestry Accord.

The Private Forest Accord is an agreement between environmental interests and the timber industry to create compromises regarding increased forest health standards in Oregon by more stringently protecting private timberland waterways. As forests significantly impact the economy, public living quality, and species ability to survive and thrive, agreements between parties with differing opinions about how to best maintain private forests are imperative. In many parts of Oregon and Washington, the timber industry is pivotal in sustaining the livelihood of a plethora of communities. Without the current regime of the timber industry and its lucrative processes, thousands of jobs and many products we rely on would be lost.
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