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Project Learning Tree: A Valuable Forestry Education Tool for Teachers   

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary, environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12. NC State University Extension Forestry is proud to be the home of the PLT program in North Carolina. Do you know an educator who could benefit by from natural sciences and forestry training along with useful curriculum materials? The North Carolina Project Learning Learn State Coordinator is Renee Strnad. For more information visit the webpage at:  https://forestry.ces.ncsu.edu/ncplt/
Extension Forestry Publications Update
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Forest landowners need to understand the quality and quantity of their timber. Demand and price for many timber products can fluctuate widely. Size, quality, and species of timber are also highly variable. Specialized knowledge is required to identify tree species and to estimate volume and value within standards accepted by local markets. This publication offers a checklist of considerations before selling timber.

Hand-applied herbicides fit the bill where convenience, environmental concern, lack of timber markets, or smoke restrictions prohibit the landowner from using more traditional methods of vegetation control. Hand-applied herbicide methods are simple, safe, and inexpensive. They allow landowners to practice timber, wildlife, and recreation management with a minimum investment in equipment. This guide reviews the most efficient and cost effective methods and formulations to conduct forest resource management on your land.

Many forest landowners have good reasons to be interested in historic North Carolina timber stumpage (standing timber) prices. Not only is such information useful in assessing current market opportunities and analyzing forest management options, but it may be the best or only way to calculate a landowner's basis (for income tax purposes) in timber to be sold. 
From the Miscellany Department
Here is a hodgepodge of facts, ideas and resources that may apply to you.

The Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program, provided through the NC Forestry Association, runs from August 1 to August 1 on an annual basis. Landowners and the participating hunt club must be a member to be eligible for this comprehensive insurance program that covers accidents that arise from the use of firearms, tree stands and ATVS. The program has a $1,000,000 coverage for members and guests. To find a copy of the brochure, click here .

Prescribed Fire Annual Awards for North Carolinians. Did you carry on any prescribed burning on your property in the past year? Do you know of someone else who did, or a member of the NC Forest Service who assisted a landowner in prescribed fire operations? Several awards are given each year at the NC Prescribed Fire Council recognizing landowners, land managers and state forest service staff who carry on the important silvicultural practice of prescribed burning. The nomination forms for these awards can be found at: http://www.ncprescribedfirecouncil.org/awards.html

The North Carolina Standing Timber Price Report is published quarterly on the NCSU Extension Forestry website, link:  https://forestry.ces.ncsu.edu/forestry-price-data/. The data is provided by Timber Mart-South, Inc. on a quarterly basis and the reports date back to 2015.

The Southeast Urban Wood Exchange is a website that helps connect small woodlot owners (and those responsible for managing urban wood) to businesses hoping to buy, cut, transport wood, dry, and/or process wood for purposes such as custom-made furniture, artwork, firewood/kindling/fat wood, turnings, shavings for animal stalls or gardens, etc. If your harvest is too small for traditional logger, this might be a great place to seek out the small scale tree removal service you need. Or if you are interesting in acquiring wood for one of the many locally provided wood uses, check out this website:   www.urbanwoodexchange.org

NC Forest Service Seedling Store is now accepting orders online or by phone. The NC Forest Services nurseries produce millions of tree and native grass seedlings each year for purchase by landowners in North Carolina. A catalog is available. For more information, visit the website link to the Tree Seedling Store, call 1-888-NCTREES (1-888-628-7337) or send an email seedlingcoordinator@ncagr.gov.

Appalachian Trail (A.T.) Volunteer Opportunity! This project is part of the renewed USDA Forest Service effort to address backlogged maintenance work on historical trails.  As part of an emphasis on strengthening and deepening connections with the public through outdoor experiences, the agency is committed to expanding its capacity for greater volunteerism and community service. People with interest in volunteering can contact one of four A.T. maintaining clubs who work in the state. Consult their websites for upcoming opportunities:  Nantahala Hiking ClubSmoky Mountains Hiking ClubCarolina Mountain Club, or  Tennessee Eastman Hiking & Canoeing Club.
Coming Events of Interest to Woodland Owners
Small Woodlot and Urban Wood Workshop
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in RTP, NC

Ever thought about what happens to storm-damaged or land conversion wood? According to the NC Forest Service, Urban and Community Forestry Program, much of it goes to landfills! What if homeowners, municipal land managers, and developers could tap into a network of local wood product processors and craftsmen seeking to buy the wood that is in too small a quantity for traditional logging? A workshop scheduled in RTP, NC on July 26, 2017 may well be a first step to creating a supply chain for small woodlot and urban wood utilization. Find out more at the following website:   www.go.ncsu.edu/no-wasted-wood 

Northeast Ag Expo Field Day
July 27, 2017 - Belvedere, NC

Many landowners in North Carolina are also farmers. If you are among that group, you may be interested in attending the Northeast Ag Expo in Perquimans County on July 27 at the R&R Farms in Belvidere, NC. Deadline for registration is Monday, July 24, 2017 by calling the Perquimans Extension Center at 252-426-5428. To see the agenda for the day, visit this website:  http://www.ncneagexpo.com/Agenda
Consulting Foresters: What they can do for you.
August 30, 2017, 9:30am-Noon - Roanoke Center, Rich Square, NC

The Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Project will host an informational meeting "Consulting Foresters: What they can do for you." This meeting will be held August 30, 2017, at The Roanoke Center in Rich Square. Contact Alton Perry for more information 252-539-4602. Local consulting foresters will be present and discuss their services. To read about the benefits of working with a consulting forester, take a look at the following publication from NCSU Extension Forestry: Benefits of Using a Consulting Forester 

Looking Ahead
Please mark your calendar...

August 16, 2017, 12 noon - 1:00pm 
Tree Board Webinar: Advocating & Marketing Your Message
Since woodland owners are very engaged in their community, you may be a participant in your local Tree Board (helping to keep community trees growing and renewing). If so, or if you are just interested, this is a free webinar. Click the title of the webinar to read more or register to participate.

October 31-November 2, 2017 in Wilmington, NC
1-1/2 day symposium plus full day field tour for those interested in managing forestland in swamp and bottomland areas of the Southeastern USA. Sponsored by NC Forest Service.

October 14, 2017 - NC Tree Farm Program 2017 Annual Meeting, Wagram, NC
The annual meeting will include a field tour focusing on wildlife management.

November 1, 2017 - Franklin County forestry meeting and tour (details coming)

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Mary Lou Addor, Moore County Private Landowner, Cary, NC
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Alton Perry, Roanoke Electric Cooperative, Roanoke Rapids, NC
Colby Lambert, NC Cooperative Extension, Lillington, NC
Robert Bardon, NC State University, Extension Forestry, Raleigh, NC

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