Ray and Sarah Smith had moved to Woods Hole from South Jefferson, Maine. Sarah Atkinson Smith was the sister of Martha Atkinson Hilton, wife of Oscar Hilton.

Mr. Hilton, had the building that is now occupied by Liberty House with a marine railway on Water Street. He was very active in carpentry, boat building and local real estate.

Although the Smiths acquired other real estate, the property on the edge of Eel Pond was Mr. Smith’s home base. He had a dock and a boat, useful for getting to Naushon Island for the carpentry and dock work that he did there, and in Woods Hole and Quissett too.

Mr. Smith bought or built several small houses near the DoReMi houses, one a rental property on North Street next door to the Do house, and another right on the edge of Eel Pond, which he rented to MBL summer scientists.