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Hurricane Carol - 1954
One of the major hurricanes to hit Cape Cod in the last century was Hurricane Carol. The category three storm on August 31, 1954 had wind gusts of more than 100 mph and a storm surge of 10.1 feet. The hurricane was not forecast to reach the Cape until several days later, if at all, so residents were not prepared. Damage in Falmouth was assessed at $2,750,000. Ten days later, Hurricane Edna headed up the coast, but caused less damage to the Cape than Carol.

Here are some photos of Hurricane Carol from several sources, including our archives, Bob Grosch, and from an album of photos taken by scientists at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, collected by Herb Graham, Fisheries director, and donated to the museum by David Graham.
Albatross 3 aground, its stern over Fish and Wildlife Service dock,
bow against the town dock. (photo by Giles W. Mead)
Fisheries lab building at height of storm water,
10 inches deep in first floor hallway (Giles W. Mead)
Water Street in front of MBL at height of the storm (David Miller)
Water Street, with WHOI’s Smith Building on right (Giles W. Mead)
Parking lot behind MBL’s Lillie Building (Giles W. Mead)
  Sunken boats at Dyer’s Dock (Bob Grosch)
Parking lot at the ferry terminal (WHHM)
Landfall Restaurant (WHHM)
Train tracks at Little Harbor (Bob Grosch)
Eel Pond water floods School Street (WHHM)
Boat sheds and docks on Millfield Street (WHHM)
Debris after the storm on Bar Neck Road (WHHM)
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