Tunnel 1
WMS crews hard at work cleaning 20 years of dirt and grime from the Metro Red Line Tunnel walls and rails.

Cleaner Times:
Autumn 2014


With the end of summer now here, though 90+ degree days in the Southland seem more and more common in September & October, WMS wants to remind all of its loyal customers and readers of our newsletter that the Holiday season is nearly upon us. Halloween lights and decorations abound in neighborhoods all over Los Angeles and Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays are right around the corner. 


So, you ask, what does that mean for me and my city? Well, let me tell you my thoughts. Constituents and customers will be out in force, visiting high visibility areas and looking for places to spend their hard earned money. It is always keen to remember that first impressions are very difficult to overcome and if your business or City is lax in providing simple and routine exterior maintenance, buyers will choose to spend their money elsewhere. A little maintenance goes a long way! As an example, WMS recently finished re-painting "El Arco" (the Arch) along E. Whittier Blvd. in our maintenance area in East Los Angeles. Though the condition of the Arch was hardly poor, the business community recognizes that continual upkeep prevents larger problems down the road. Further, by el arcoestablishing this stretch of the street as a viable business district, one which takes pride in its upkeep, patrons are encouraged to come again and again, knowing that it is a safe and clean environment in which to do their business.


This is where Woods Maintenance Services comes in. We can help you with all of your exterior maintenance needs. With a fleet of over 70 vehicles and over 140 employees, WMS can provide whatever services you require. We are always willing to give free estimates and are happy to consult with those entertaining the thought of contracting out these needs.   


We invite you to check out our website or our Facebook page to see what we have been up to of late.



What's New?  
Weho Dogs
WMS recently began a new contract in the City of West Hollywood---Daily Servicing of Doggy Waste Stations. We are very excited about this new service and have entered into a relationship with Zero Waste USA, a leading supplier of mitts, bags, and waste collection stations, for both the public and private sector. Should you wish to learn about the services we can provide for your city or business you can call the office and speak to Josh or Jeff.

Long Beach Re-Planting Project
Our crews were called in to provide replanting along the street running alignment in Downtown Long Beach during the recent 30 day closure. Our crews did a fantastic job, working within a limited time-frame to create nicely landscaped areas in the MTA medians. Here are a few before and after shots, Top: 5th Street Station, Bottom: Pacific Station

A Business you should know about:

Auto Style Detail
This is a mobile auto detailing company that has done wonders on our vehicles---and I can assure you that our vehicles can get a little dirty from time to time with all the paint and refuse we haul. They can be reached at 818-339-5543 and tell them we sent you!

About Woods Maintenance Services, Inc.

WMS, Inc. is a full service, exterior maintenance provider. We can abate weeds, graffiti, and trash. We cleanup right of ways, landscapes, hardscapes, building exteriors, parking lots and garages. We can plant and remove vegetation, install and maintain sprinkler systems. If you can think of something that needs to be cleaned, abated, or maintained, we can probably do it---and if not, we would be happy to recommend one of our preferred vendors. We know that our business success depends on our hard work, our quality of work, our reputation and our clients' continued loyalty. We thank you for your continued business. If you or anyone you know is in the need of any of our services, please have them contact us at request@graffiticontrol.com or at 800-794-7384.