Removing the 2014 Holiday decorations from Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles

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January 2014

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Winter has certainly wreaked havoc on much of the country over the past month, while in Southern California we have seen an incredible streak of great weather. And because we enjoy such great weather, we also see an influx of tourists. Tourists want to see streets and sidewalks free of trash, businesses free of graffiti, and landscaped areas well tended to.   


That is where Woods Maintenance Services comes in. We can help you with all of your exterior maintenance needs. With a fleet of over 70 vehicles and over 140 employees, WMS can provide whatever services you require. We are always willing to give free estimates and are happy to consult with those entertaining the thought of contracting out these needs.   


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About Woods Maintenance Services, Inc.

WMS, Inc. is a full service, exterior maintenance provider. We can abate weeds, graffiti, and trash. We cleanup right of ways, landscapes, hardscapes, building exteriors, parking lots and garages. We can plant and remove vegetation, install and maintain sprinkler systems. If you can think of something that needs to be cleaned, abated, or maintained, we can probably do it---and if not, we would be happy to recommend one of our preferred vendors. We know that our business success depends on our hard work, our quality of work, our reputation and our clients' continued loyalty. We thank you for your continued business. If you or anyone you know is in the need of any of our services, please have them contact us at or at 800-794-7384.