Jan. 13, 2020

Ann Ali

Thrasher Officially in the Running
‘With the proper leadership, we can create more opportunities.’

Charleston, W.Va. — Conservative businessman Woody Thrasher wasted no time Monday, the first day to officially file for office in West Virginia. Joined by his fiancee Stefania and dozens of supporters in Secretary of State Mac Warner’s office, Thrasher made clear his plans for Governor.

“We’ve lost 37,000 people in the past three years — that’s like the entire populations of Fairmont and Martinsburg just up and leaving,” Thrasher said. “West Virginia has been on an economic decline for 20 years, and we have to reverse that trend.

Thrasher joined more than 100 supporters yesterday in his hometown of Clarksburg for a campaign sendoff event.

“West Virginia is a beautiful place, it’s full of great people, it’s full of great places and there are great opportunities here," Thrasher said. :With the proper leadership, we can create more opportunities.”

Thrasher filed pre-candidacy paperwork April 16 and has been crossing the state campaigning ever since. He has a strong reputation of community involvement in North-Central West Virginia, where he started The Thrasher Group in 1983. The firm has grown from a three-man operation to one that now employs hundreds of people with 11 offices in seven states.

“What drove me to run is my love for West Virginia and the people who live here,” Thrasher said. “It is important that the citizens of West Virginia have a leader who drives the state forward, somebody who will show up for work every day, somebody who knows how to correct things when they go awry. I love West Virginia and West Virginia will be my top priority.”

Thrasher also will be rolling out aspects of “Woody’s Plan” in the coming days to share his positions and ideas on the issues that matter most to West Virginians.
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