Greetings! We hope your schools are doing well and your students are thriving in this uniquely challenging environment.  

“WORD PROBLEMS,” for many of you the mere mention of the phrase creates a palpable feeling of apprehension. I am well aware this reaction is shared by instructors, students and even parents. This month we’ll tackle this daunting challenge using the Model Method.  

Students need opportunities not only to apply basic skills in mathematics, but also to visually represent the relation between context and symbols Therefore, word problems will always be an integral part of mathematical curriculums. Further, these equations reinforce student’s reasoning skills and develop their heuristic skills, which is to say, their ability to learn something for themselves. 

If 97 teachers and 133 parents join us for our next Mathodology Monday, what does this equal? It equals improved solving skills for word problems!
Looking forward to seeing you at our next session on November 16th and 18th.