WORD for the Week for February 3, 2019
Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany

Sabbath Beginnings - Sacred Journey - Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am

Worship Leader: Rev. Stephanie Escher

Holy Communion :  This week, we hear an instruction to show hospitality to those in God’s household, and we see an illustration that God’s household is always more expansive than we think. These two passages challenge us to keep our eyes open for every opportunity to live like Jesus. Rev. Stephanie Escher experienced this phenomenon in real life during a pilgrimage to the southern U.S. border. She will share the sacrament and lead conversation.

WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am

The Story: Rev. Frenchye Magee

Reflection: Crucial conversations about critical issues are creative opportunities for courageous community engagement. This week in Sacred Journey, Rev. Frenchye Magee shares The Story and guides us in a look at a faithful response to immigration, grounded in the scriptural instruction to “welcome the stranger.” A courageous conversation might lead us to ask, “What are the larger issues that lead to the need for systemic immigration reform?” “How do underlying ideas about race and ethnicity inform our discussion of legitimate concerns raised by increased immigration?” As seen through the lens of scripture, the answers to immigration policy can never be solely political; they are moral, relational, and ultimately testimonial—how we view, respond, and treat the immigrant is a reflection of how we view God. All are welcome to this relaxed, informal service. Come enjoy warm, vibrant worship that will help you beat the winter chill!  

WORD for Traditional Worship 10am
Scripture Text: Deuteronomy 10:12-22 (CEV)

Preaching:  Rev. Frenchye Magee

Reflection:   If you’ve been cooped up all week in an effort to stave off the cold, worship offers you and your family a great opportunity to get out and share your faith journey together! There are few contemporary issues that offer us more opportunity to examine and live our faith than immigration. As followers of Jesus, who want to be faithful to the spirit of Christ, we are called to remember that: 1)  all persons are made in the image of God ; 2) our biblical ancestors were immigrants;   and 3)  the people of God are commanded to care for the foreigners in our midst as a testament to God’s abundance . As 21 st century persons who live with the reality of finding answers to the complex questions of economics and migration that have created the need for immigration reform, we face the challenge to create policies that result in the most good.  How can we hear and speak to this issue without collapsing into polemics or surrendering our faith? We explore these questions together, and listen for the voice of the Spirit to guide us.  Come enjoy beautiful music, great worship and Chef Warren’s fresh, hot brunch!   

For the Children and the Adults in Their Lives:  Have you ever been "the new kid"? Maybe you came to a new school and had to meet new friends or you had a play date with someone and it was in a new place. It can take a lot of courage to be new. It can take a lot of courage to help the new kid feel welcome. When you've been new, what helped you feel safe and at home? How can you welcome a new person? 


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