WORD for the Week for January 13, 2019
Baptism of the Lord/First Sunday After the Epiphany

Brunch extended to 12:30pm
Traditional Worship is an extended experience with
guest preacher Rev. Jim Wallis

Sabbath Beginnings - Sacred Journey - Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am
Scripture Text: Matthew 25:31-46 (NRSV)

Worship Leader: Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion :  Jesus said that the NATIONS would be judged. Do we usually think of judgement as pertaining to individuals? At this moment how would the United States be judged on the basis of this scripture?
WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am
Scripture Text: Luke 4:16-21 (NRSV)

The Story: Rev.   Frenchye Magee

Reflection:   Between the spirited panel discussion on Saturday evening and the powerful witness of special guest Jim Wallis at 10:00am, Sacred Journey offers a contemplative space for worship and reflection. This week, The Story focuses on the work of the artist and the spiritual power of creativity as a tool to illuminate and combat prejudice. True artistic collaborations do not ask each individual to surrender their unique gift. Rather, the diversity becomes the beauty as artists come together to create works that become more than the individual performers’ expression. Can the embrace of our divine gift of creativity help us heal and rewrite the broken narrative of racism that has caused so much hurt? All are welcome to worship at 8:30 and join the journey of discovery and growth.

NOTE:  Seeds  will not meet this week, so that we can take advantage of the opportunity to hear Jim Wallis.
WORD for Traditional Worship 10am
Scripture Text: Matthew 25:31-46 (NRSV)

Preaching:  Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojorners (link to http://sojo.net )

Reflection: The author of the book we're reading,  America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and a Bridge to a New America , is our guest preacher this Sunday! Rev. Jim Wallis will preach the word as we continue our 6-week anti-racism worship series. In this classic parable of discipleship, Jesus offers a way to live among each other, to live as children of God with our fellow children of God. When we are confronted with the challenge of dismantling racism, we must remember "dismantling" is an action verb, and the work of the sheep in this parable is no mere platitude, attitude, or well wishes, but true action in the world. What anti-racism action have you witnessed in your lifetime? What is your next step? This Sunday's worship service is an extended experience and Brunch and Hennepin Kids for LYFE programming have both been extended, too, so please come and have an excellent experience this week!

For the Children and the Adults in Their Lives: We all need help, sometimes. When we do, sometimes people notice and come to our aid. Other times, we must ask and hope they will be there for us. Which do you experience the most? When you see someone in need of help, you have a choice to decide whether you will come to their aid or not. When was a time you helped someone? Are there times you wish you'd helped someone else? May you know that God has given you great strength to be a helper, all your days!

The Bible In Your Hands

You're invited to "dig deeper." Here are a handful of resources:

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church resources:
Worship Bulletins   | online archive of HAUMC worship bulletins
Sermon Recordings  | HAUMC Sacred Journey and Traditional Worship sermon recordings
Devotional Ministry  | HAUMC seasonal daily devotional ministry

Scripture exegesis and commentary resources:
Bible Gateway  | the Bible in hundreds of translations (NRSV, CEB, The Message, etc.)
BibleHub  | parse out the original Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT)
Enter the Bible  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Luther Seminary
Oxford Biblical Studies  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Oxford
Working Preacher  | read and listen to lectionary commentary from Luther Seminary faculty

Art and Music resources:
Art in the Christian Tradition  | The Jean and Alexander Heard Divinity Library at Vanderbilt
Hymnary  | a resource for both modern and traditional worship music and hymns
Sing for Joy  | a worship music and hymn resource from St. Olaf College
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