WORD for the Week for June 23, 2019
Second Sunday After Pentecost
A nine-week worship series: Green Faith
Week 9
Green Faith: Mobilizing God's People to Save the Earth  

This spring and summer, you are invited to confront global climate change from a faith perspective during our 9-week series focusing on Green Faith.

Using the book  Green Faith: Mobilizing God's People to Save the Earth  by Fletcher Harper as our guide, the Hennepin community will explore how "God is calling us to live differently" in the age of global climate change. We will explore how we can and must take action to protect Creation, reconnect to nature-based spirituality, and commit more fully to environmental justice.  

Every Sunday, you will hear Green Faith-themed sermons on topics like "Many Faiths, One Earth," "The Pale Blue Dot," and "Our Kairos Moment." Throughout the series, we're hosting events and programs to explore Green Faith through art, film, music, food, discussion, and more.

Spend the season deepening your Green Faith at Hennepin.
Sunday Brunch
10am-noon in the Social Hall
$10 per person | $25 per family

Our very own (famous!) Chef Warren Seta serves Sunday Brunch... Come eat! It's a time of food, fellowship, and service to one another – made possible through the work of volunteers. Everyone is invited to the lower level Social Hall to join friends and make new ones as we enjoy brunch together.

New price – We rely on your payment to cover our expenses. Please consider covering the cost for a guest who cannot pay.
Sabbath Beginnings – Sacred Journey – Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am

Worship Leader: Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion: Today we come to the last chapter of our book study. Ironically there is no scripture quoted directly in the chapter. In Romans 8:18-25, Paul writes “of the hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay.. that the whole creation is groaning with labor pains.”

The next to the last chapter of the Bible (Revelation 21) says that the writer saw “a new heaven and a new earth, the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.”  Our earth is telling us that it may well be passing away. The question is what will the new earth be like and how will it come to be? Revelation is couched in terms of God bringing it to be. The last chapter of the text book contains no scriptural references and is filled with visions of a world in which we as creations of God are called to be “co-creators” with God in creating the new earth. “What we sow, we reap”. We have created the problem and all over the Bible we are held responsible.  Yet we are told that the world doesn’t need fixing. We at Hennepin have read, studied, prayed and listened and with the author of the book and the cries of our earth have decided that it is up to us. Our Green Team has asked us, along with all of our brothers and sisters to commit ourselves to being those who with the love and power of God will “make all things new”.

You can do your part. The Green Team has given you a beginning list of ways you can be part of restoring the earth, and we as a congregation are seeking to do the same.

As a nation, as individuals, we are facing a real choice. I have no problem reaching back into the Old Testament, to what may have been a life or death situation as the people of God, whether or not to cross the river Jordon and become his nation. Moses gave them the choice. “ Today I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life so that you and your descendants may live.”

May we choose to do the same.

WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am
Scripture Text:   Daniel 2:1-6, 10-23 (NIV)

The Story:   Our Kairos Moment” – The Community

Reflection:   This week in Sacred Journey, we conclude our series of Green Faith with a community conversation. The topic of climate justice and creation care can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s difficult to hear the voice of Spirit speaking clearly about our role in the work of finding solutions and healing. In these moments of “kairos” (or “God-time”) it can be helpful to come together and reflect on all that we have heard or experienced. Gathered in loving space, we will have an opportunity to share hope and listen to the courageous story of Daniel, an Old Testament prophet who had his fair share of big, existential moments. We’ll also extend a farewell blessing to departing organist, Andrew Hackett. Bring a neighbor and invite a friend. It’s true all the time, but especially on this Pride Sunday, all are welcome to share the journey!
WORD for Traditional Worship 10am
Scripture Text: Daniel 2:1-6, 10-23 (NIV)

Preaching: Rev. Frenchye Magee

Message: Our Kairos Moment”

Reflection: As we come to the conclusion of our worship series on “Green Faith,” it’s exciting and challenging to realize that the issue of creation care intersects all that we profess, proclaim and practice as followers of Jesus. Our  kairos moment—that combination of the work of the people and the will of God which produces a shift from one way of being to another—has arrived. Now we must decide how to respond. What do we need to know about discernment, justice, and collaboration? How can we develop or discover the partnerships we need to make the urgent changes? To inspire us, we look at an anecdote this week from the life of Daniel (who had more than one experience with life-changing decisions under pressure). Can the wisdom we gain from spiritual revelation inspire the practical decisions that alter our lives for the good? Where will we be in ten years? Invite your friends and neighbors to join you at Hennepin for worship that makes a difference!


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