WORD for the Week for May 12, 2019
Fourth Sunday in Easter
A nine-week worship series: Green Faith
Week 3
Green Faith: Mobilizing God's People to Save the Earth  

This spring and summer, you are invited to confront global climate change from a faith perspective during our 9-week series focusing on Green Faith.

Using the book  Green Faith: Mobilizing God's People to Save the Earth  by Fletcher Harper as our guide, the Hennepin community will explore how "God is calling us to live differently" in the age of global climate change. We will explore how we can and must take action to protect Creation, reconnect to nature-based spirituality, and commit more fully to environmental justice.  

Every Sunday, you will hear Green Faith-themed sermons on topics like "Many Faiths, One Earth," "The Pale Blue Dot," and "Our Kairos Moment." Throughout the series, we're hosting events and programs to explore Green Faith through art, film, music, food, discussion, and more.

Spend the season deepening your Green Faith at Hennepin.
Sabbath Beginnings – Sacred Journey – Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am
Scripture Text: Colossians 1:15-20 (NRSV)

Worship Leader: Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion :   The Bible Tells Me So. This week’s theme is about what the New Testament says about creation. We learned last Sunday
that the world is God’s. We don’t own it, we are to manage it as God wishes us to. This week we look at what the New Testament says about creation. Like the Old Testament, the New Testament is filled with stories about the care of creation. Jesus prays in nature, he teaches about nature, and he teaches with images from nature. One of the most quoted verses in the Bible says that God “so loved the world”, and the word for “world" in the Greek  means ”universe,” the created order. With our new understanding of the wonder of the cosmos, there are thoughtful Christians who now vision a world where the resurrection of Jesus touches and changes all of creation, that all is holy and should be treated as such. “God writes the Gospel not only in the Bible, but on trees, and flowers, and clouds, and stars.”     Martin Luther
WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am
Scripture Text:   Colossians 1:15-20 (The Message)

The Story:   For the Bible Tells Me So” – The Community

Reflection:   This week in Sacred Journey, we plant Seeds of Celebration in worship as the community takes on the role of Storyteller in a conversation about “green faith”. For almost 25 years, creation spirituality and creation care have been central themes in Sacred Journey and this week, we’ll hear part of how that focus developed. Together we’ll remember and celebrate how the connection between the two have energized and sustained Sacred Journey worship. It’s a story of beginnings, presence, and hope you don’t want to miss! Invite friends and neighbors to experience Sacred Journey and stay to hear Brian McLaren’s morning sermon, then come back Sunday evening for a panel discussion with local green faith activists. All are welcome to share the journey!
WORD for Traditional Worship 10am
Gospel Text: Luke 16:1-15 (NRSV)

Preaching:  Brian McLaren

Reflection: This Sunday, author and activist Brian McLaren is our guest preacher. Known for his heart for social justice ministry and green faith work, he's also the author of  We Make the Road by Walking , our year-long worship series book from 2016-2017. The parable from Jesus about the shrewd manager may offer new insight into how we might turn our ways to God's ways when it comes to how we treat the earth, even at this late stage in the game. Brian will offer a sermon of hope and action for putting our faith into action when it comes to tackling climate change on a personal and systemic level. Featuring special music by Hennepin Chime and Copper Street Brass, come and celebrate the creator God who fills us with the Spirit to co-create in the creation with care, justice, and action! Then, at 7:00pm, return for  "Faith to Save the Planet: An Evening with Brian McLaren."  This event will feature a keynote from Brian about a faithful response to climate change and a moderated panel of local experts and activists. The event is free and open to the public, so please register for a ticket to receive updates and to help us gauge the crowd size:  http://hennepinmclaren.eventbrite.com

For the Children and the Adults in Their Lives: Have you ever been in a game or craft or activity and more than one person said they were the one in charge? It doesn't go very well when that happens, does it. Sometimes, it's the same thing with God. Yes, God gives us the ability to make almost any choice we want, but at the same time we can think about how letting God be in charge may help us listen to God more. If we listen to God, we'll hear people crying for help and action. What does it take to listen to God? What does it take to act on what God is saying?


The Bible In Your Hands

You're invited to "dig deeper." Here are a handful of resources:

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church resources:
Worship Bulletins  | online archive of HAUMC worship bulletins
Sermon Recordings  | HAUMC Sacred Journey and Traditional Worship sermon recordings
Devotional Ministry  | HAUMC seasonal daily devotional ministry

Scripture exegesis and commentary resources:
Bible Gateway  | the Bible in hundreds of translations (NRSV, CEB, The Message, etc.)
BibleHub  | parse out the original Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT)
Enter the Bible  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Luther Seminary
Oxford Biblical Studies  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Oxford
Working Preacher  | read and listen to lectionary commentary from Luther Seminary faculty

Art and Music resources:
Art in the Christian Tradition  | The Jean and Alexander Heard Divinity Library at Vanderbilt
Hymnary  | a resource for both modern and traditional worship music and hymns
Sing for Joy  | a worship music and hymn resource from St. Olaf College
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