Worship Series: "Kitchen Table Giving"
WORD for the Week for October 28, 2018
Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost

Worship Series: "Kitchen Table Giving"
Our fall stewardship theme is “Kitchen Table Giving.” It’s a metaphor symbolizing those times and places where deep conversations occur that shape our lives. From our calendar to our bills, from our work to our leisure, from our income to our philanthropic giving - all of these and other important topics often bear fruit over a table. Everyone is invited to pick up a Place Mat Packet! These place mats feature scripture, stories and essays, journal topics, discussion questions, and other interactive elements. It's yours to write or doodle on either on your own, with a friend, or in a LYFE Group. May it be a unique starting point for a deep conversation about how we steward God's resources as both individuals and as a church. Pick up yours in Carlson Hall, the Art Gallery, the Education Wing, Social Hall, or from your LYFE Group leader. 

This week's place mat is also available for download:  http://haumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Oct-28-Place-Mat.pdf

Series Scripture:
For October 28 - Luke 19:1-10
For November 4 - Matthew 6:20-24
For November 11 - Luke 16:1-13
For November 18 - Luke 6:31-38

Sabbath Beginnings - Sacred Journey - Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am
Scripture Text:   Luke 4:38-39 (NRSV)

Worship Leader:  Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion : What happens at a meal? The healing of Simon’s mother in law.

WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am

STEWARDSHIP I (How do we acquire money?)
Reflection: Conversations across cultures and traditions come together this week as we begin our stewardship season by asking, “How do we acquire money?” Zen Buddhist instructor Steve Matuszak will share The Story, to illuminate the ethical and spiritual relationship between work and money. We’ll also hear feedback from the Sacred Conversation on October 7. All are welcome!
Question for reflection: What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you place a higher value on manual labor, service or intellectual endeavor?
WORD for Traditional Worship 10am
Scripture Text: Luke 19:1-10 (NRSV)

Preaching:  Rev. Nate Melcher  

Reflection: Where do you have your major life conversations? For many, it's the kitchen table. It's where we collect our thoughts as we break bread, look over our mail, share laughter and tears, and think ahead to tomorrow. The kitchen table is a metaphor symbolizing the times and places where deep conversations occur that shape our lives. That includes the conversations that shape our giving. When we give our gifts back to God, we help God multiply those gifts and bring healing and hope to this world. We are called by God to come by our money with honesty and integrity. Zaccheus is challenged by Jesus to have a turn of heart for how he treats his neighbors when it comes to money. His neighbors are even more challenged! What does it take to change a heart? How do you acquire money? What are the ways you invest God's gifts to multiply them? If you were to seek out advice from someone with a changed heart like Zaccheus, what's the one question you would ask him?  

For the Children and the Adults in Their Lives: Some kids know a lot, some kids don't know much at all about money, so how about you? As you gather at the kitchen table for dinner and talk about your day, ask each other what you know about money. Some of you probably bring money to Children's Church offering or maybe you have some from the tooth fairy. It's good because we can buy something fun, and money is also a valuable resource because it helps us to help God's people. How do you get money? As a gift? An allowance? Do you earn money in your family somehow? What would it mean to think of money as a gift from God we have to take good care of for God? Talk about if you have a system that's working or if you want to start one.


The Bible In Your Hands

You're invited to "dig deeper." Here are a handful of resources:

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church resources:
Worship Bulletins   | online archive of HAUMC worship bulletins
Sermon Recordings  | HAUMC Sacred Journey and Traditional Worship sermon recordings
Devotional Ministry  | HAUMC seasonal daily devotional ministry

Scripture exegesis and commentary resources:
Bible Gateway  | the Bible in hundreds of translations (NRSV, CEB, The Message, etc.)
BibleHub  | parse out the original Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT)
Enter the Bible  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Luther Seminary
Oxford Biblical Studies  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Oxford
Working Preacher  | read and listen to lectionary commentary from Luther Seminary faculty

Art and Music resources:
Art in the Christian Tradition  | The Jean and Alexander Heard Divinity Library at Vanderbilt
Hymnary  | a resource for both modern and traditional worship music and hymns
Sing for Joy  | a worship music and hymn resource from St. Olaf College
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