WORD for the Week for September 8, 2019
Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost
A 6-week worship series: Passion & Practice
Week 1

You are invited to explore the distinctive heritage of Methodism, which remains passionately relevant for 21st-century followers of Christ who are committed to transforming the world.

Throughout the series, discover how Methodism calls you to use your mind and your heart to pursue holiness and renew your spiritual passion through acts of mercy, compassion and love.

The resource book for the series is Adam Hamilton's, Revival: Faith As Wesley Lived It. You can find the companion video series on YouTube .
Sabbath Beginnings – Sacred Journey – Traditional Worship
WORD for Sabbath Beginnings 8am
Scripture Text: Revelation 2:1a, 2a (NRSV)

Worship Leader: Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion : I am a true Son of Methodism. I was a student of and pastoral assistant to a leading world Methodist scholar. My library once included maybe 20 volumes of Wesleyana. While all of that has had a deep influence on my faith and practice, I am in many ways in a different place today in terms of my faith. I owe, however, and believe that the United Methodist Church owes its foundations, and spirit to its founder John Wesley. In the weeks ahead we will learn and be inspired as we explore the Passion and Practice: The Heart of Methodism . We are dependent on and shaped by our past. It is very easy in these wonderfully creative times to think that we are building something truly new. In truth we are always building on foundations built by others.
WORD for Sacred Journey 8:30am

The Story: Where is the Love – Rev. Frenchye Magee

Reflection:  A warm welcome to Sacred Journey this week! Whether you’re coming back from the summer or coming to worship for the first time, it’s a great week to experience the journey! Hennepin Expo (formerly Rally Sunday) offers an opportunity to know the best of Hennepin for community & connection.
Sacred Journey is extended to include a presentation from Dr. Bill Walsh of the  Envision Project  along with advocates from  Street Voices for Change  who will share progress toward ending homelessness through communal housing. It’s a fantastic start to our new worship series:  Passion & Practice , where we explore the connection between our spiritual practices, the experience of God and the ways we live our faith from a Wesleyan context. What does it mean to love God and to love like God and how can our faith traditions help us claim a life of love for all people?
After engaging with Bill, we’ll enjoy a “pavement picnic” and ministry fair in the parking lot, with lots of great food for purchase, time to share news of the summer and get engaged for the fall! We’ll welcome our neighbors to see and share the day, while they get to know us as an active presence for positive change in the Loring Park Community.
It’s a great day to bring a friend and invite a neighbor to church. Our doors and hearts are open to all God’s people.
Welcome back…welcome in…welcome home…to Hennepin!
WORD for Traditional Worship 10am

Sermon:   Rev. Judy Zabel will kick off the series with, "Where is the Love?"

HENNEPIN EXPO Sunday Worship 10:00 AM
Reflection: It is time to launch a brand new school year!  It is time to gather and celebrate what God is doing among us. Worship will be festive! The Hennepin Sanctuary Choir will be back, Copper Street Brass will be with us and the children and youth will be ringing bells. After worship we will have all kinds of fun at Hennepin Expo and Block Party with World Beat Connection Band, food trucks, bouncy house for the kids, face painting and ministry fair. Invite friends to come with you.


The Bible In Your Hands

You're invited to "dig deeper." Here are a handful of resources:

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church resources:
Worship Bulletins  | online archive of HAUMC worship bulletins
Sermon Recordings  | HAUMC Sacred Journey and Traditional Worship sermon recordings
Devotional Ministry  | HAUMC seasonal daily devotional ministry

Scripture exegesis and commentary resources:
Bible Gateway  | the Bible in hundreds of translations (NRSV, CEB, The Message, etc.)
BibleHub  | parse out the original Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT)
Enter the Bible  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Luther Seminary
Oxford Biblical Studies  | historical/cultural context for each book of the Bible from Oxford
Working Preacher  | read and listen to lectionary commentary from Luther Seminary faculty

Art and Music resources:
Art in the Christian Tradition  | The Jean and Alexander Heard Divinity Library at Vanderbilt
Hymnary  | a resource for both modern and traditional worship music and hymns
Sing for Joy  | a worship music and hymn resource from St. Olaf College
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