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Tony's Rare Book Spotlight
Albert Richard Riedel (1911-1984) was internationally known as Frater Albertus. He was a Rosicrucian, an alchemist, and founder of the influential, Salt Lake City-based Paracelsus Research Society. He published some dozen books in German and English between the 1930s and early 1980s, the most influential during the 1960s. Persons seeking these books have been persistently thwarted by the small numbers of them available – most were printed in editions of only 500 copies.

We recently bought a nice collection containing most of Frater Albertus’s alchemical titles, more than we’ve ever had at once, some in duplicate, some autographed. All are first printings.
A sturdy but worn copy of The Alchemist’s Handbook. One of 500 printed in 1960, this copy inscribed by Albertus to his sister. $300 Inventory # RSPAALC00mel

From “One” to “Ten”: A Treatise of the Origin and Extension of the Prime Manifestation on the Physical Plane, 1966. $125

The 1976 Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains in a dust jacket. $85 Inventory # RALBALC00jkn

Gently I answered and Said… in dust jacket. Signed limited edition of this 1978 book. $250
Inventory # RALBGEN00mel
The 11 th copy of the 1970 Men and the Cycles of the Universe, signed by Albertus to his sister. $425
Inventory # RALBMEN00law
Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica, translated into English by Albertus from an anonymous German work from 1711. Published in 1966. $300 Inventory # RALBPRA00law
Details from The Seven Rays of the Q.B.L
The Seven Rays of the Q.B.L. (Kabalah) This 1968 book is signed to the author’s sister. Color illustrations and a laid-in folding chart. $450
Inventory # RFRASEV02mel
A near perfect copy of the 1983 AMO, translated by Robert Firmage and signed by him. $300
Inventory # RFIRAMO00law
Please call 801-328-2586 and ask for the Rare Book Department to inquire about these titles, or email us at rarebooks@wellerbookworks.com.
June Events
Pinnacle Acting Company will discuss Shakespeare's MacBeth in advance of their production, which opens June 14th at Westminster College.

Author Christopher Husberg will launch the latest book in his Chaos Queen quintet, Blood Requiem .

Books & Bridges presents Ben Park "The Politics of Diversity: How Debates Over Competing Interests Shape American Democracy"

Books & Bridges presents Matt Bowman, who will read from and discuss his book, Christian: Politics of a Word in America .

Collectors' Book Salon: Gary Mackelprang will lead the Collectors' Chat on "The Writen Word in Asia", more expansively and entertainingly elucidated as "A discursive history of East Asian writing, literacy, linguistics, printing, binding, calligraphy, epigraphy, divination, semantics, semiotics, etymology and porn".

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