The "Word of the Month" is an easy way to reinforce the Life Skill Lessons that we teach at karate...and promote self-discipline at home. Here's how it works:
Print the 4 weeks of homework.
Discuss the questions as a family and ask your child to complete 3 jobs/chores at home without being told.

The questions are the same topics being discussed in class. This will allow your child to participate more in class when discussing the "Word of the Month".
Turn in your homework by the end of the week. Patches will be awarded in class at the start of next month to students who completed all 4 weekly assignments.

What does the Word Of The Month accomplish?
Life Skills are so important for kids growing up. Goal Setting, Respect, Confidence, Self Discipline are just a few of the lessons covered.

The "3 Chores/Jobs at home" help reinforce self-discipline. Besides...who wouldn't want their kids to pick up their room more often??

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