Word on the Street: What You Should Know from Community  | April 2018
"Word on the Street" is disseminated monthly to inform CAPS/UCSF PRC of new developments, issues, programs, policy agendas, etc. that are happening in, affecting, and are of interest to the community. 
In This Issue
  1. Oakland TGA Planning Council (OTGA-PC)
  2. San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC)
  3. California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS (CDPH-OA)
Oakland TGA Planning Council (OTGA-PC): Alameda County (AC) and Contra Costa County (CCC)
The Prevention Committee of the Oakland TGA Planning Council (OTGA-PC) met on April 25, 2018 .

Meeting Highlights/Takeaways

Email Lorenzo Hinojosa at lorenzo.hinojosa@acgov.org to add an event on the ACPHD OAA Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/OfficeofAIDS .
University of California Berkeley (UCB) School of Public Health (SPH) physician interns are working with ACPHD OAA conducting focus groups (FGs) with Black Gay and Bisexual men/MSM who reside in and/or receive HIV Care and Prevention Services in Alameda County. The FG purpose is to identify ways to create a more Black Gay male friendly service provider network as well as to collect information on ways Black Gay men are receiving support in their lives.
San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC): San Francisco City and County, Marin County, & San Mateo County
Presentations from researchers at the Anal Neoplasia Center for Research and Education (ANCRE) Studies reported on the ANCHOR and AHHA Studies and shared the following:
  • Anal cancer rates among HIV infected men and women are rising
  • From 2010-2014, San Francisco had the highest rates of anal cancer in the state
  • HIV+ individuals age 35+ years old who participate in the ANCHOR Study will help determine if anal cancer is preventable among this target population as well as develop a standard of care for screening and preventing the disease
AHHA (Anal HPV, HIV and Aging) Study
  • Individuals who are male or transgender (male or female) who have sex with men, 50+ years old, HIV+ or HIV-, are being enrolled in the study that examines relationships between aging, HPV infection and HIV infection and subsequently appropriate interventions
  • For more information, contact the study team at 415-583-2277 or email Ryan Gonzalez at ryan.gonzalez@ucsf.edu

A presentation by SFDPH Community Health Equity & Promotion Branch and the San Francisco Health Network discussed HIV-Related “Megatrends” highlighting the following:

  • Since 2006, new HIV diagnoses are down by 50%
  • STD rates continue to increase as HIV diagnoses decline
  • Significant disparities exist in viral suppression among homeless population (rate: 73% for all populations vs. 31% for homeless)
  • Transgender (MTF) and Black/African American viral suppression rates are lower than other race/ethnic groups, however with all groups improving over time (ARIES QI Data, 2010-2017)
  • SFDPH is scaling up HCV testing, linkage and treatment; from January 2015 through December 2017:
-An overall antibody reactivity rate of 18.4% was reported
-The HCV Primary Care Treatment Initiative reported a 112% increase in the number of patients treated and a 140% increase in the number of clinics treating patients
California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS (CDPH–OA)
The CDPH-OA reported the following highlights at the April 2018 San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council and Oakland Transitional Geographic Area Planning Council meetings:
Laying a Foundation for Getting to Zero: California’s Integrated HIV Surveillance , Prevention , and Care Plan is available on the OA website at www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DOA/CDPH%20Document%20Library/IP_2016_Final.pdf

Phase I of PrEP-Assistance Program (AP) for uninsured clients went live April 9, 2018; CDPH-OA has executed contracts with six PrEP-AP providers, including:
  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation (San Francisco)
  • Primary Care at Home, Inc. (Oakland)
  • One Community Health (Sacramento)
  • Dignity Health – St. Mary’s Medical Center (Long Beach)
  • Santa Rosa Community Health (Sonoma)
  • West County Health Centers (Sonoma)
If you have questions or need more information, please contact Barbara:
Barbara Green-Ajufo, DrPH, MPH
Research Partnership Manager
Community Engagement (CE) Core
Phone: (415) 476-6362
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