Word on the Street: What You Should Know from the Community  | February 2017
"Word on the Street" is disseminated quarterly to inform CAPS/UCSF PRC of new developments, issues, programs, policy agendas, etc. that are happening in, affecting, and are of interest to the community. 

 In This Issue

  1. CA Department of Public Health Office of AIDS (CDPH–OA)
  2. San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC)
  3. Oakland Transitional Grant Area Community Collaborative Planning Council (CCPC)
  4. Other: Stay in the know!
California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS (CDPH–OA)

Highlights/takeaways include:

Poster presentation at the National Harm Reduction Conference in San Diego in November 2016 is available on CDPH-OA website at www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/aids/Pages/Access toSterileSyringes.aspx.  Information on a demonstration project established to develop innovative HIV/HCV prevention programs was presented and comparisons are made to previously published studies.  Notable findings include:

  • Number of Syringe Exchange Programs (SEPs) statewide has remained stable since 2002 but there has been substantial increase in the percentage of SEPs with explicit local government authorization to operate, increasing from 40% in 2002 to 97% in 2015). 
  • The number of syringes exchanged since 2002 increased even though the annual SEP budget decreased by 3% and 25% when adjusted for inflation.

The HIV/AIDS California Planning Group (CPG) will meet April 4th-6th, 2017, in Sacramento  The meeting is open to the public and provides opportunity for public comment.  Information about the meeting will be available 30 days before at www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/aids/Pages/OACPG.aspx

San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC): San Francisco City and County, Marin County, San Mateo County
Highlights/takeaways from the February 27, 2017 meeting:

San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), Community Health Equity and promotion (CHEP) Updates:

Forecast announcement of CDC’s next funding opportunity announcement (FOA – CDC PS18-1802) “Integrated National HIV Surveillance System and HIV Prevention Programs for Health Departments” is posted on Grants.gov.  The estimated application due date is July 31, 2017.

SFDPH awarded the following four agencies to provide intensive PrEP services starting February 1, 2017

  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF): Black/African American MSM
  • Instituto Familiar De la Raza: Latino MSM
  • Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)): Young MSM focusing on MSM of color
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center (API): Trans Women 

Oakland TGA Collaborative Community Planning Council (CCPC)

Highlights/takeaways from the February 22, 2017 meeting:

Alameda County Public Health Department is working with SFDPH Bridge Program to facilitate collaboration and information sharing to promote PrEP awareness and uptake in the East Bay.

API Wellness supported Linkage and Retention Network meeting, March 23, 2017.  Contact Phoenix at Alameda County Public Health Department Jennifer.Smith@acgov.org.

The most recent HIV/AIDS Needs Assessment found that:

  • Vulnerable populations rate Ryan White funded HIV specialty providers more highly as culturally competent than they rate general primary care providers. Recommendation: Continue to look for opportunities to support HIV specialty care geared toward vulnerable populations.
  • Very few consumers are aware of the new and improved HCV medication and HCV care specialists are overwhelmed, with long waits for services.  Recommendations: Increase information and awareness about HCV treatment options for PLWHA and their providers in the Oakland TGA.  Train HIV specialty providers on HCV treatment protocols and access strategies.
  • Providers and consumers are confused about health care options and strategies for access. 
  • Recommendation: Train providers with up-to-date information about the options available to patients under the ACA and provide tools to communicate options to their patients/clients.
Stay in the know!
  • Get Screened Oakland is forming a coalition of HIV/AIDS stakeholders to fast track 90-90-90 targets for the greater Oakland community.  The meeting, scheduled for March 17, 2017, is at 1000 Broadway, 3rd floor conference room, 12-4 pm.  To participate in meeting and be involved in the coalition contact Marsha Martin at mmartingso@gmail.com
  • Bay Area State of Emergency (BASE) Coalition’s Stay Woke Campaign is scheduled to launch around April 10th – Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  The campaign’s focus is PrEP awareness and uptake and targets the Black/African American community: youth, MSM, transgender community, women, etc.
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