Word on the Street: What You Should Know from Community  | June/July 2018
"Word on the Street" is disseminated monthly to inform CAPS/UCSF PRC of new developments, issues, programs, policy agendas, etc. that are happening in, affecting, and are of interest to the community. 
In This Issue
  1. Oakland TGA Planning Council (OTGA-PC)
  2. California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS (CDPH-OA)
  3. International AIDS Conference 2010 Planning Group
  4. Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD)
Oakland TGA Planning Council (OTGA-PC): Alameda County (AC) and Contra Costa County (CCC)
The Alameda County Prevention Committee met on July 9, 2018

Meeting Highlights/Takeaways

  • Prevention Committee is open to CAPS researchers presenting HIV prevention research conducted in Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Full OTGA-PC met on June 27 and July 25, 2018

Meeting Highlights/Takeaways

  • Dr. Nick Moss from the Alameda County Office of HIV Prevention and Care is taking a lead role in Alameda County’s Fast Track Getting to Zero (FT-GTZ) initiative. Please reach out with questions and to get involved. Nicholas.Moss@acgov.org
  • Council staff are conducting focus groups with the HIV community. Information will be used to update the Oakland TGA Needs Assessment.
  • After the Priority Setting process, the Council will invite CAPS researchers to present on HIV prevention research conducted in Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • During the first quarter of 2018, CCC identified 24 new HIV cases; 27 were identified during the second quarter. Of the 47 HIV clients served during the first quarter, the majority were male (94%); white (34%) or African American (21%); and MSM (55%). Almost a third of the clients had unidentified route of transmission.
California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS (CDPH–OA)
The CDPH-OA reported the following highlights at the June and July 2018 San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council and Oakland Transitional Geographic Area Planning Council meetings:
  • As of May 8, 2018, Northern Sierra Harm Reduction Program and Plumas County Public Health Agency are authorized to provide syringe services.
  • Safe Points Needle Exchange in Sacramento submitted an application to expand their syringe services throughout the city. Public comments are open through September 2, 2018 and can be sent to SEPApplication@cdph.ca.gov.
  • In April 2018, a Laying the Foundation for Getting to Zero Baseline Report was released with
  • new baseline measures for each Plan Objective. The report is available at  www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DOA/Pages/OAmain.aspx.
  • California’s Continuum of HIV Care Factsheets (2015 and 2016) are available at www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DOA/Pages/OA_case_surveillance_reports.aspx
  • Project Trans Research-Informed Communities United in Mobilization for the Prevention of HIV (TRIUMPH) and Health Care Professionals (HCP) Food Access Pilot Project presentation slides presented at the May 31st/June 1st California Planning Group (CPG) meeting and meeting notes are available by request to cpg@adph.ca.gov.

As of June 21, 2018, there are 134 PrEP-Assistance Program (AP) enrollment sites. The number of clinics in the PrEP-AP Provider Network is growing; there are currently 33, 15 of which were established since the ones reported in the May issue of WOTS :

  • 1 clinic in Alameda County (AIDS Healthcare Foundation)
  • 1 clinic in Kern County (Kern County Public Health Department)
  • 5 clinics in Los Angeles County [Los Angeles LGBT Center, Watts Healthcare Corporation, and St John Well Child and Family Center (1 each); East Valley Community Health Center (2)]
  • 1 clinic in Oceanside County (Vista Community Clinic)
  • 7 clinics in San Francisco County [UCSF 360 Positive Care, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness (1 each); HealthRIGHT 360 (4)]
International AIDS Conference 2020 Planning Group
On June 28, 2018, more than 50 people met to discuss hosting the International AIDS Conference in Oakland/San Francisco and what opportunities it could present for the respective communities.

Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD)
News Flash! After 9 years of service to the San Francisco Bay Area HIV/AIDS community, Cynthia Carey-Grant, Executive Director of WORLD, is stepping down.

WORLD’s Board of Directors and AIDS Healthcare Foundation are recruiting for her replacement.  
If you have questions or need more information, please contact Barbara:
Barbara Green-Ajufo, DrPH, MPH
Research Partnership Manager
Community Engagement (CE) Core
Phone: (415) 476-6362
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