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"Where the creativity of human mind, spirit and experience is celebrated everyday."
"From Here to There and Everywhere"



Words - they're everywhere - written and spoken - all hours of the day. Words of declaration. Words of challenge. Words of empathy. Words of affirmation.

As we meet and greet many of you, this is what we hear about words:
- some of you don't hear many words each day
so are grateful to come into the store and
hear a human voice and just visit
- some of you are listening to the news a lot and are
tired of all the words and just want to wander
in a place full of beauty
- some of you have heard the angst and frustration of
others around you and just want to send out
beautiful words of support to the
world around us
- some of you want to surround yourself with words of 
affirmation to help you stay focused on the good
and beautiful
- we all can use words of encouragement every day
- even one kind word can change someone's day.
Let's discover "words" in World's Window

Words to Share

   Last week a customer came into the store searching for something to hang on his front door that would send positive words out to the world around him. That got us looking around the store for all the words of encouragement. He found it in one of our banners hanging on our front gate.  

BEN Courage

Banners from Benjamin International share inspirational quotes and great reminders. 

Check them all out below!

Inspiration . . .
always so much to see and explore!

BEN Banners

Banners from Benjamin International, both large and small carry words of empathy and encouragement. Click here to see them all.

KMD WordPlaques

Smaller wooden plaques from Kathmandu are perfect on a small wall space or in an office cubicle. Click here to see all the wooden plaques.

WDL Bracelet comp

Wear adjustable bracelets with words of inspiration from Whitney Howard Designs and share them with friends. Click here to see all the bracelets.

JEN Chime Comp

Jendala's affirmation chimes not only share words but the gentle sound of a bell as a reminder to share
lives of goodness and hope. Click here to see all the chimes.
SoulFlower Bags
Carry words of encouragement in tote bags and zipper pouches from Soul Flower. Click here to see all the bags.

ZPO Comp Pic

And ZPots buckets and cups with all the feels
are perfect gifts for yourself and others. Click here to see all the ZPots.

Explore all of these great gifts of inspiration and all our other products including clothing and accessories at

After all, even one kind word CAN make all the difference in a day!
Lean On Me - Word Inspirations 
in Song

   One of the ways we are all being inspired by words is through song.  The organization Play for Change has long been one of my ways to connect to our world through words and songs. Musicians from around the world collaborating on words that cross cultures with many voices and instruments remind me how connected our world is. There's that word again - connection.

   "Lean on Me" is a familiar song to many. Give a listen to how connected our world sounds when being shared by so many voices.
Lean On Me (Bill Withers) | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
Lean On Me (Bill Withers) | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

"Playing for Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music, born from the idea that music has the power to break boundaries and overcome distances between people." Click here to learn more about Playing for Change.

 Share some good words today!

   As you read this I am lucky enough to be with my family for some hiking and biking adventures. I hear wonderful, joyful, loving words from our grandchildren each day and they certainly fill me with inspiration and joy. My heart is full. I hope today you can share a kind word with someone and receive some in return. Let's wrap our world in kindness. 

   Thanks for continuing on this new journey with us. We look forward to sharing fun stories with you, new products and diversions as we travel "from here to there and everywhere."

   Our store is open today (Tuesday) through Sunday for the hours listed below. 
   For those of you who cannot or choose not to shop in our Brookside store right now, we thank you for your continued online shopping support. 
   And I can't say it enough times - YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! THANK YOU!
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World's Window
"Nobody can define you like you."

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   Yes, you are required to wear a face mask and we'll have ours on, but you'll be able to explore our store with the freedom of moving around at your leisure. We'll be available to assist or to let you wander and just be around to answer your questions.  Call Della at 816-361-2500 to schedule your own personal shopping time!

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