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Living Card of Appreciation for Jeanie Cockell
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Company of Experts is now on Facebook and linkedin. These sites are meant to increase discussion and build a greater sense of community among our appreciative group. We will post new topics often so as to facilitate discussion and growth.

We also hope it will allow you to form communities around these issues -- with the best ideas and most interesting discussions floating to the top.

Our recent discussion topics...

Tell us a story about something good that has happened to you?

What do you most appreciate about yourself?

Pretend it is five years from today, what are your three wishes?

What ways do you engage employees? Or what could your boss do to engage you today?

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Appreciative Inquiry is a way of being and seeing. It is both a worldview and a process for facilitating positive change in human systems. Every human system has something that works right - things that give it life when it is vital, effective, and successful. Appreciative Inquiry begins by identifying this positive core and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy, sharpen vision, and inspire action for change.
Words Create WorldsCompany of Experts is pleased to announce its newly certified Ai Facilitators (AICF):
  • Steve Atwood
  • Susan Matzner
  • Shryl McCormick
  • Kelly Wesp
  • Nuala C.M. Woodham
  • Angela Woodward
Share in their experience by visiting the blog and reading their practicums.
Success Stories:

Developing the Meaning and Value of Institutional Research

Submitted by: Sarah Shumpert

Shumpert PracticumAfter I returned home from the AIFT, I was energized by the training experience and excited to facilitate the AI process, both so I could see it realized in "real life" since I had never participated in an Appreciative Inquiry prior to the training and so that I could earn my certification as a facilitator.  One of the reasons I elected to attend AI training was because my institution, Tri-County Technical College, has been working toward becoming a "Learning College" and I knew that other learning colleges had embraced the AI approach.  Even though I felt Tri-County wasn't ready for a whole systems change, and I didn't know exactly how I would be able to apply AI to my work, I felt it was congruent with the learning college vision our President had set forth and that we could "grow into" AI over time. More>>>

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Re-Imagine our
College Strategy

Submitted by: Claudine Lowry, Janet Byrne,
and Cathy MacLean

Lowry PracticumI knew when I proposed this inquiry around our Portfolio approach that we needed as a College to move beyond seeing Portfolio as a binder to seeing Portfolio as part of our culture.  My hope was we could re-imagine portfolio - we have creatively done this through Appreciative Inquiry.  I took a chance using Appreciative Inquiry with the core group and there were times when I almost waivered, but I trusted the process and it worked. More>>>
Networking for a Mission: A Special Gathering of
Notre Dame Educators

Submitted by Shryl McCormick

mcCormick practicumThe Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur is an international congregation of Catholic religious women whose primary mission is education.  They were founded in Namur, Belgium in 1804. For them education is undertaken in many forms; the particular focus of the process described here was their formal educational institutions, i.e. schools and universities that they sponsor. Sponsorship means that they are responsible for the mission and viability of their institutions, even though they themselves may not be functioning there as teachers and administrators. Most of their formal, sponsored institutions exist in the northern hemisphere in the United States, Europe and Japan. More>>>

Did you enjoy reading these stories? More Success Stories can be found on the Company of Experts blog.

Want to submit your story to be published on our blog and newsletter? Email Kathy for more details.
Living Card of Appreciation for Jeanie Cockell

Jeanie Cockell EOC pictureDon't believe what you read in the newspaper and see on television.   People all over the world are achieving their dreams to improve their communities whether that is a school, hospital, or corporation, for profit and non-profit.  It is amazing how many terrific, caring and inspirational people we meet and the stories that we hear from them. Stories of grace, of style, of engagement - awe inspiring stories. Unique stories about people and the people that they work with.

We have an amazing Expert on Call - Jeanie Cockell.  Many of you may know of Jeanie as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and trainer from seeing her name on our website or from stories of success written by those who have worked with Jeanie. Jeanie has that special magical personality that lights up the room and invites you in to converse and to become friends.  People gravitate toward Jeanie like a hummingbird to a flower.

We are so fortunate that Jeanie is with us.  A few weeks ago Jeanie was involved in a horrific automobile accident and had a punctured lung, fractured pelvis and a leg broken in several places (I am not a medical person and do not mind if anyone corrects me!) It is awesome that Jeanie had no head injuries and remains positive about her recovery and is already looking ahead to returning to the work she loves. Working with people and introducing Appreciative Inquiry whenever possible.

Jeanie has physical rehabilitation to relearn how to walk and how long that will be we are not sure of.  We just thought it might be nice to start a Jeanie Cockell Living Card to express our appreciation and wishes for her return to full health.

To send Jeanie your wishes, please follow this link to Facebook (click on the discussion tab) or Linkedin - if you are not a member, you will need to join.  Jeanie will be able to visit her Living Card of Appreciation when she is able and as often as she wants. You may leave messages as often as you like - check often to see what others have to say. 

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Company of Experts is planning its Fall and ai dotWinter opportunities.  If you have a topic for a webinar that you would like to propose, please email Kathyto begin the discussion.


Fall Deadline for Proposals: April 30th, 2010 (Delivery date to be scheduled between April 1 to June 30, 2010)

Winter Deadline for proposals: October 29, 2010 (Delivery date to be scheduled between January 4 to March 30, 2010)


Are you interested in delivering an online workshop or webinar? Please contact Kathy to  let her know if you are interested and can meet the time lines. It takes time to review, prepare, promote, and register individuals for each online workshop or webinar.

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Company of Experts' blog is up-and-running. Our blog is a living document whose purpose is to share ideas, thoughts, and resources with one another. We invite you to contribute to the blog by sharing your stories, ideas, questions, and discoveries with one another. 

Your life, and society as a whole, can improve as a result of sharing.
Sharing on the blog allows everyone to:

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If this is something that you would be interested in doing, just let us know and we will gladly set that up for you. Feel free to explore the blog. If you have any questions, we are here to assist - Melissa@companyofexperts.net