Last week, George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. We grieve along with Mr. Floyd’s family and our communities, especially Black community members who have grieved so often, for so long. We also lend our voice to the calls for justice. Black Lives Matter .
But words are not enough. We need to do more to help dismantle inequity and injustice. Mr. Floyd was not only a victim of the officers on the scene, he was also a victim of the systemic racism that is built into our institutions. Black, Indigenous, and all Minnesotans of color have battled its impacts for centuries.
The Northland Foundation supports anti-racism work in our region, and we encourage others to do the same. We will listen to those who live the experience of oppression and rely on their knowledge and leadership to guide our future work.

The  Duluth NAACP   is a tremendous resource, and its statement on George Floyd   also offers a number of ways to take action. Here are some additional northeastern Minnesota anti-racism organizations we would also like to lift up.
People from all corners of our region and every walk of life can contribute to the change that is so clearly needed. Learn, volunteer, speak out, donate. We at the Northland Foundation will do our part. Northeastern Minnesotans, let’s work together.