Words of Advice From the Subject Matter Experts

by ALADS Board of Directors
The Board of Supervisors have approved a Motion by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Hilda Solis directing the CEO to hire an outside consultant with "subject matter expertise in recruitment and retention practices to assist with creative strategies and lasting solutions to the recruitment and retention of sworn personnel" in the Sheriff's Department. ALADS is supportive of this effort, as the department is short  1,500 deputies  and staffing has reached a crisis point with tremendous impact on current deputies.
We would place retention higher on the priority list of problems to be solved; the first rule of getting yourself out of a hole is to stop digging. The department is now competing with virtually every law enforcement agency in California, who have hung out the "hiring" sign for lateral deputies/officers in recognition that is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to fill their open positions. The fundamentals of supply and demand in a market where competition for sworn personnel is fierce has led agencies to offer laterals signing bonuses in the five figures to complement their better pay/benefit packages and working conditions.
ALADS members are subject matter experts in what it will take to convince them to remain with the Sheriff's Department, and we have freely shared some of that advice with county leaders and the public over the last two years. Ending CARP , providing  proper training and equipment , stopping forced overtime which jeopardizes the safety of deputies, modified scheduling, accurate budgeting for positions, fixing the seriously flawed disciplinary system and stopping attempts to use that flawed system to tarnish deputies (even when an Appellate Court told the Sheriff "no") are all steps which will go a long way to making this department a place where deputies want to stay.
The answer to the retention problem is not that hard to find: better working conditions and other attributes that any employer would use to retain and develop an engaged workforce. We welcome the hiring of a consultant as the first step on the road to making those positive changes happen.

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