Words of
Encouragement & Hope
Submitted by Bill Price

and Lessons of Life

What do you see when you look at a patch of dandelions? Perhaps you see a bunch of weeds that is going to take over your yard and garden. Perhaps you imagine a constant battle of chemicals to rid your lawn of this nasty invading vegetation before it goes to seed.

But, what do the children see? Ah, they see a bouquet of flowers for a Mom or a Dad. They see an opportunity to make a wish; an opportunity to dream while blowing the white fluff into space. Wish upon a dandelion and watch your wishes and dreams fly. Next time, take a closer look at a dandelion and notice the beauty the child sees.

What do you do when you hear music you love, but cannot remember the words? Do you respond by saying, "I cannot carry a tune." "I do not have much rhythm." Or, do you just sit self-consciously and listen? But, the children, they feel the beat, they clap their hands and they move and dance. They sing out the words loudly and enthusiastically and if they do not know the words, they make up their own!

This reminds me of an interesting incident. My wife, Mildred, & I were in Germany visiting her relatives. One evening we were invited to a dance. During the evening I found myself dancing with a rather tall German woman. First of all, you must know that Americans dance counter-clockwise and that Europeans dance clockwise. Half way through the dance, looking down at me straight in the eyes, my rather tall dance partner said in a distinctive Germanic accent: “You must unwind me!” It was during the unwinding process that she began to serenade me in German. When she stopped singing, I started to sing, but not knowing much German, and certainly no German songs, I began to make up my own. Just like a child having fun. I sang the German wine labels to music. “ Zeller Schwartzer Katz, Liebfraumilch…” My dance partner was surprised and amused.
You see, she was a child at heart.

Therein lies the essence of life. What do you do when you feel the wind blowing on your face? Do you brace yourself against it? Is it messing up your hair or pushing you back when you walk? Guess, what the children do? They close their eyes, spread their arms and
fly. They soar with the eagles reigning majestically over the earth,
until they fall to the ground laughing. Children are the Fahrvergnügen of life.

Do you remember the Volkswagen commercials of the past? They didn’t capitalize on the car or its latest technological improvements, but rather on the pleasure of driving it. “The Fahrvergnügen of it.” Children have this ability: they have the gift to see the pleasures in life. They have the ability to enjoy and the ability to invent the Fahrvergnügen of it all. Most importantly, they have the talent to focus in on the very essence of life and on the simplicity of life’s complexities.

They can teach us the joys of living. Children can see the wonder of God’s creation. They can see God having some fun creating that beautiful bright and brilliant flower for all of us to adore and admire.

When you pass a green field dotted with dandelions of 24-carat gold, look for the beauty in each petal. Look for the creative artistry of each white fluff. Dream....wish upon a dandelion, and be inspired. Pick a bouquet and surprise a loved one. We all need a bouquet at times, especially now.

Let’s all learn from the children and appreciate the gems of life. The jewels, the glitter and the frills! Make life’s opportunities diamond studded occasions. Just watch and listen to the children.