June 30, 2020

Words of
Encouragement & Hope
From Linda White

This story came across my Facebook page in May. Peggy Pollay had posted it, so some of you may have seen it already. 

I told her it would be a good story for the “Words of Encouragement” piece, especially during this time when so many of us are unable to visit with our friends and families in person. A call to someone, who is alone during this time, may be just the thing they need to uplift their spirits and remind them they are loved and not forgotten.

Peggy asked if I would send this in to the church, so here it is.

Sunflowers turn according to the position of the sun. In other words, they “chase the light.” You might already know this, but there is another fact that you probably do not know!

Have you ever wondered what happens on cloudy and rainy days when the sun is completely covered by clouds? Perhaps you think the sunflower withers or turns its head toward the ground. Is this what crossed your mind? 

Well, that’s incorrect. This is what happens!

They turn towards each other to share their energy.
Nature’s perfection is amazing. Now let’s apply this reflection to our lives. Many people may become low-spirited, and the most vulnerable ones, sometimes, become depressed
How about following the example of the beautiful sunflowers i.e. “Supporting and empowering each other”. Nature has so much to teach us. Daffodils behave in a similar way. 
Spread goodness…it will come back to you…

Who can you be a sunflower to this week?

Linda White