Words of
Encouragement & Hope
Submitted by Mary Monson

Imitation has a bad connotation in today’s world because we tend to think in terms of fake goods or “knock off” copies. Things that are of less value than the “originals.”

Perhaps we are not thinking in the right context. Perhaps we should be imitating Jesus. We should, in these times of social distancing and sequestering, ask what Jesus might do.

So, I said to myself here, "I am alone, relatives far away, feeling a bit lonely with only the cat to follow me around and chirp. What would Jesus do in my shoes."

I made a list and I am working through it! Call someone who doesn’t even have a cat to converse with and cheer them up. Write notes to shut-ins at institutions where no one is admitted and their social contact is now limited to staff. Bake a batch of cookies for neighbors similarly locked away and never forget to thank those who remember you with calls and goodies to share.

It is not a bad time if we remember who we need to imitate in these strange times. Jesus is with us as a perfect example to follow.

Mary Monson