Words of
Encouragement & Hope
Submitted by Willi Wheeler

‘Just for Love’

I was mindlessly reading some papers and notes, trying to clear my desk, when one in particular caught my eye. It was a story on the back of a Guideposts Care Card, and it got me thinking.

It was a story about a little boy that brought home from nursery school a turkey made from colored construction paper. It was described as lopsided and such that ‘no respectable turkey mama would have even acknowledged that it was a turkey.’ But he gave it to his mother stating that "I made it for you, for nothing except that I love you."

His mother was delighted, not because it was such a great picture, but because his reason for doing it was 'just for love!' It made her realize she had missed the opportunity to send a note or call a friend who was seriously ill and had just died. She wanted to write the ‘perfect letter,’ or say the ‘right things,’ when what her friend really needed was contact made ‘just for love.

Is there someone, an acquaintance, a friend or a relative that you know who might be having a difficult time with life right now?   Or someone who needs or would appreciate hearing from you – just for love?  God did not make the world perfect and He does not expect us to be perfect, but He does ask us to love one another.
The Coronavirus has put us into a challenging time, having to deal with all the changes in our lifestyle.  We cannot do a lot of things that consumed our time and energy before the virus. 

So how are you using the extra time you have by being at home?  Have you considered using that time to catch up on some notes or cards you have been intending to do, or make a phone call or two that you just haven’t gotten around to?  

How pleased God would be if that time were seen as an opportunity to reach out, sharing His perfect love. After all, isn’t Christ always with us and caring for us ‘just for love’?

Submitted by
Willi Wheeler