Words of Encouragement
from Acolyte Mark Anzilotti
October 15, 2020
When Fr. Peter asked me to write this reflection, he told me to “give them Jesus” and my first thought was, “I don’t know Jesus.” But upon further reflection on how Jesus has shown himself to me throughout my life, I realize that Jesus has shown himself to me every day of my life through other people. I often hear that Jesus is in all of us and until I reflected further I didn’t realize how true that statement is. Mr. Thompson helping me grow as faithful person since middle school, Mr. Sked guiding me through becoming an acolyte, and Mrs. Fisher helping me learn about the stories and teachings of the Bible while also providing a steady stream of sugary treats are all wonderful examples of Jesus showing himself to me here at Saint Michael and Saint George.
However, I can’t flip pancakes with Mr. Thompson, go on youth group canoe trips (Kyle, what a good idea!), or sit with Francis Alford by the altar and debate what Fr. Andrew is thinking about the sermon anymore. So naturally, losing these interactions with the people who routinely bring me Jesus has been hard for me and has sometimes caused me to feel distanced from Him. In these moments of feeling like a lost sheep who has wandered away from my shepherd, I have found that it is essential that I hold onto the connections that I still have with my family to pull me back to my flock. In these hard times, I am certain that I am not the only one who is feeling like he is growing more and more distant from Jesus. I think that it is essential that we all focus on the connections with Jesus that we do have access to and work hard to strengthen those connections. Then, when we are able to connect with Jesus in all of the ways we normally would, our overall tie to him will be that much stronger.

Mark Anzilotti

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