Words of Encouragement
from Patience Schock
Hallelujah! Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

How fortunate are we Christians? Here we are in the midst of a marathon-like event and we have God and Christ to carry us through.

What eagles’ wings!
What a power source!
What an energy boost!

We know God loves us and Christ loves us even with all of our foibles and in spite of ourselves. They are the oomph that will see us through.

Yell it from the rooftops.
Pass the message on. 
Seek the joy.

The human condition has always given us sickness, death, and discord. What about the rest of the story? Christ is the light that dashes the darkness. The infinite possibilities born of faith. God’s faithful presence. 

Christ teaches us to love and care for one another; to be other centered. How can we shine our light on others today? How might we lead with a thankful heart?

Call a friend and tell a joke. Laugh together.
Cook dinner for a neighbor.
Smile at your mail carrier and your grocery stocker. Just smile.
Donate your time and treasure.
Memorize a prayer and recite it to a friend. 
Tip more generously than the last time.
Listen to the complaining with a compassionate heart.
Pray the negative thoughts away.
Count with a friend each and every blessing.
Pass on the love that has been given to you.
Write a thank you letter to an old acquaintance for the friendship.
Read a bible verse and share the lesson with another person.
Respond with praise when disappointments arise.
Allow God to lead you by the hand.
Remember all we have is a gift from God.


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