Welcome to Cafe Cultura's
August 2013 newsletter! We're excited to keep in touch with you regarding our continued growth in fulfilling our mission. 

Caf� Cultura is an award-winning arts, culture, and youth development organization that promotes unity and healing among Indigenous peoples through creative expression while empowering youth to find their voice, reclaim oral and written traditions, and become leaders in their communities. 

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health and spirits.  This newsletter helps us keep you informed of our growth as an organization. Please review and support us in any way you can.  Feel free to find more updates and pictures on our Facebook (facebook.com/cafecultura), Instagram (instagram.com/cafeculturadenver), and Flickr (flickr.com/photos/cafecultura/sets) accounts.

Cafe Cultura presents Art in the Park: open mic with spoken word, music, art, vendors, food, & community! 


Spread the word...Bring your family & friends!!!!!  




Note: Make sure to come early to sign up and get a good seat. As always, we welcome anybody who is willing to help in our work in the community. 

WHEN: 2nd Fri. of every month...August 9th
(Sept 13 & Oct 11 at La Academia @ Denver Inner City Parish) 

--->Marketplace w/ Vendors @ 6:30pm
--->Show @ 7pm

WHERE: La Alma/Lincoln Park Amphitheater (12th Ave & Osage St...next to the swimming pool); if it rains....Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

$3 (nobody turned away)...Everyone is welcome!

August Features: 
--->Slam Nuba is an award-winning performance poetry event based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Originated in 2006 as a program of the Pan African Arts Society and certified by Poetry Slam, Inc., Since its inception, the Denver Slam Nuba team has performed on semifinals stage every year at the National Poetry Slam. The squad has made it to finals stage twice. In 2007 in Charlotte, NC, the Nuba group placed fourth and in 2011 in Boston MA the Slam Nuba team won The National Poetry Slam Championship. The Slam Nuba collective presents a workshop, feature poet, open mic & slam event every 1st and last Monday of the month at The Crossroads Theater in the historic 5 Points district in Denver.
---->NDAAZ (means heavy in Chiricahua Apache) is a quartet of friends (including two cousins) who enjoy creating and performing music together. The band is comprised of members who descend from Chiricahua Apache,Dine,Southern Ute and Latino ancestry. Their music speaks to past and present socially relevant issues affecting the people of the Americas, from Alaska all the way down to Patagonia.
--->GRASP (Gang Rescue And Support Project) is a peer-run, intervention program that works with youth who are at-risk of gang involvement or are presently active in gangs, helps families of gang victims, and serves as a youth advocate. And, it works so well because it is run by ex-gang members who broke free of the gang life-style and turned their lives around. The staff understand how difficult it is to make this transition and the challenges confronting youth who do it. Established in 1991 after a tragic 'drive-by' shooting death of a teen, GRASP has evolved into a highly respected and successful program of Metro Denver Partners, a non-profit organization, that for over 40 years has helped kids to better futures through one-on-one mentoring.

--->Unveiling of Words to Actions Mural is Cafe Cultura's Indigenous (Native, Chican@, Latin@) youth leadership program that starts with a two week camp. Activities include workshops, guest speakers, creative expression, and community outreach. Participants will unveil the mural they created.
For more info: info@cafecultura.org; 720-394-6589; www.cafecultura.org

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Support Words to Actions
Youth Leadership Program


To Support, Donate, and/or Fundraise: fundly.com/wordstoactions 
Words to Actions is an Indigenous (Native, Chican@, Latin@) youth leadership program that starts with a two week paid camp (July 29 - August 9). In addition to receiving a Caf� Cultura t-shirt, a book and a stipend of $150, participants gain confidence, cultural awareness, and leadership skills to strengthen their family, community and/or tribe. Activities include workshops, guest speakers, creative expression, community outreach, and the creation of a mural.
Levels of support
$150 Pays The Stipend For 1 Youth (Gift #5)

$100 Supports 1 Youth For 4 Days (Gift #4)


$50 Supports 1 Youth For 2 Days (Gift #3)


$25 Supports 1 Youth For 1 Day (Gift #2)


$10 Buys Lunch For 2 Youth (Gift #1)

Gifts for your support


Gift #5: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, T-shirt, & print of mural (created by youth)...plus, a print of CC's banner (signed by artist)


Gift #4: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, T-shirt, & print of mural (created by youth)


Gift #3: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, & T-shirt


Gift #2: Cafe Cultura Sticker & Book


Gift #1: Cafe Cultura Sticker


To Support, Donate, and/or Fundraise: 
In this newsletter....
-Art in the Park: August 9th-
-Spoken Word Workshop: August 10th-
-Support Words to Actions Youth Leadership Program-
-Xpress Yourself Spoken Word Workshops for Youth-
-Family Day Open Mic: Feeding Our Families-
-Exciting Updates-
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Cafe Cultura
P.O. Box 11791
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Office: 1029 Santa Fe Dr Unit #6
Hours: Mon-Thurs from 9am to 4:30pm
Fri from 1 to 4:30pm.


Xpress Yourself Spoken Word Workshops for Youth

Recent partners for Cafe Cultura's workshops: Vickers Boys and Girls Club.
If you are interested in having Cafe Cultura present at your school or organization, feel free to contact us. Our basic version is a one time, 1 to 2 hour session. We have used this highly engaging and culturally relevant workshop structure for over seven years to encourage Chicana/o and Native youth to use spoken word to give voice to our stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration. They serve to supplement and support Language Arts/English curriculum. Workshop structure was designed by a spoken word artist with 4 years experience teaching at the middle and high school level with contributions from other poets and youth advocates.
Save the date: August 10th from 11am to 12:30pm at 1029 Santa Fe Dr...Xpress Yourself Spoken Word Workshop: open to educators and youth advocates and the larger community.
As for our intensive workshops with youth at several locations, here are excited to start the school year teaching classes at La Academia @ Denver Inner City Parish, STRIVE Prep SMART HS, and College Track.
We are also working out details for Denver Center for International Studies (through DPS Indian Education) and KIPP Denver Collegiate HS.

Here are some results from the previous year:

Participants in our intensive "Xpress Yourself" workshops saw an increase in the level of confidence in their ability to be a poet (71%), become a leader in their community (57%), expressing themselves through the written word (50%), and using their culture to help them express themselves creatively (50%).

If you're interested in our workshops, please contact us



Make sure to read future newsletters for more updates...

Family Day Open Mic 
Feeding Our Families

WHEN: Friday, September 13 (as part of our monthly open mic on the 2nd Friday of every month)

--->Marketplace w/ Vendors @ 7pm
--->Show @ 7:45pm 

WHERE: Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

Bring artwork, photos, and poems focused on family, food, and/or substance abuse.
Share a free meal with your family.

Free...Everyone is welcome!

September Features:  
Idris Goodwin


--->Grupo Tlaloc

Exciting Updates

Thank you to those who braved the rainy evening for our second Art in the Park of the summer (out of 3). Special shout out to No "MO" Violence Dance Group for putting on a great show as well as the students from CU-Upward Bound Program who definitely impressed in telling their stories. We heard from As Us and the important work they're doing. Everyone enjoyed the graffiti battle. Below are some photos from the event.

-Performances/shows from Cafe Cultura Collective members: If you want us to host an open mic featuring our spoken word artists, contact us ASAP. Funds will go to sustaining our organization and the work we do in the community (especially our workshops for youth).

-Internship and volunteer opportunities: If you are interested in helping build our organization while gaining valuable experience and making connections, we will post detailed descriptions this month.
-Nonprofit Status Received!

-Feel free to visit our website
often for updates (click on the image).


-We need your help: We're still distributing Cafe Cultura Collective Compilation books to local schools and organizations working with youth (especially to those serving mostly Native & Chican@/Raza youth) free of charge. If you're interested or know of contacts, send us an email (info@cafecultura.org). We'd definitely appreciate it...
Compilation Cover