Order of Worship: Sunday August 20th



Candle Lighting

Call to Worship

Opening Songs

"Come thou font of every blessing"

"Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart"

Unison Prayer--UMH 69

The Word in Song

"Lamb of God"

Scripture Readings

Psalm 133

Romans 11:1-8,11-12

Matthew 15:10-20

Message--"The Words We Speak"

Song of Praise

"Come and See"

Presentation and Welcome of New Members

Prayers of the People/The Lord's Prayer

Offering/Doxology/Offertory Prayer

Closing Hymn--"Days of Elijah"



This Week at Grace:

Tuesday--Adult Bible Study-9am

Discipleship Team 6pm

If you are planning to meet at Grace UMC, you need to call ahead or email the office to reserve space and to get your meeting on the church calendar.

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Monday - Thursday

9 a.m. to noon


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Sunday morning.


Unison Prayer

Glorious God, source of joy and righteousness, enable us as redeemed and forgiven children evermore to rejoice in singing your praises. Grant that what we sing with our lips we believe in our hearts, we may practice in our lives; so that being doers of the Word and not hearers only, we may receive everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.






Call to Worship

L: Sometimes we get the feeling that we are the only ones that the Lord loves.

P: Open our hearts to see all the people who are loved by the Lord.

L: We want Jesus to be our sole possession.

P: But Jesus reaches out to all others in need.

L: Lord, forgive our selfishness.

P: Open our hearts to find healing and restoration that we might be better disciples. AMEN.


This picture only shows the edge of the fire pit, but we did have a fire burning--Thank you Larry! We were finally able to gather for prayers around the fire last Tuesday night. The group shared stories and memories of the church, and prayers that touched on many aspects of our lives and world. We plan to do this again a few times as the weather gets cooler. It was a "God moment" of my summer for sure, and I hope that it touched others too.

The picture at the top of this newsletter and the picture below are shared because the beauty around us that night caused us to pause a few times to take it in.

--Pastor Jen

Please join us in worship on the 20th as we welcome the newest members to our faith community!

Pastor Jen will be on vacation from the 22nd --28th of August. The office and team Grace know how to contact her if needed. It is State Fair time, so she will be spending a couple days with Fairborn and Fairchild (and her family of course!).

Sunday the 27th will be a special service; some members will be sharing "God moment" stories with us, along with favorite verses from scripture and beloved songs.

End of summer prayer

Creator God,

we thank you for the change in seasons, for endings and new beginnings.

We are grateful for time to rest and time to play,

for time to pause and time to heal,

for time apart with friends and family,

for time apart to hear your voice more clearly.

God be with us as the sun sets earlier, help us to squeeze the most out of each day that we have been given.

 May we see your touch everywhere.



Mission Giving for August

In August our missional giving will go to a number of projects that will benefit our teachers, school support staff and students. We are still working out the details with a local school, but we hope that you will be generous as usual to support "Back to School" missions.

We are very grateful for the wonderful gifts given during our special offering time on the 6th. This has given us a wonderful base to start from as we make decisions on how best to use these gifts for both teachers and students in our community. We continue to dream as these blessings unfold throughout the month.

Urgent Volunteer Opportunity.

Farms 2 Food is a program that allows local food shelfs to get fresh produce from local farmers. It is a win- win for both growers and our neighbors in need.

Contact info--931-220-3224.

I want to express my gratitude once again, for the many hands who made our combined service with Our Savior's Lutheran Church such a success.

To the ushers and greeters, that you for making our guests feel welcome!

To the guys in the parking lot, thank you for managing the chaos and making it work!

To the voices who sang with the OSL choir, thank you for the extra rehearsal time that you gave!

To the communion servers, thank you for your help, and I am so sorry that I forgot to give you communion!

To those that brought in extra treats, served, and cleaned up, thank you!

To the Grace family as a whole, thank you for showing the Pequot Lakes community what it looks like to be God's people together!

--Peace and love, Pastor Jen

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-Pastor Jen

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