February 4, 2016
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Connect and Collaborate Radio
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As you may have heard , Connect and Collaborate has expanded from one show per week to five. Shift your dial to its new slot and station, Denver's Money Talk 1690 AM from 4-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Hosts this week included Mark Alpert, South Metro Denver Chamber; Garrett Bussiere, CereScan brain scan imaging; Peter Moore, Vital for Colorado; and Phil McKinney, an innovator speaking about "hacking autism." Next week, hosts will be from Vistage, DORA, Building a Better Colorado, Colorado Space Business Roundtable and  Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

When it comes to Connect and Collaborate Radio, our producer Tammy Schmidt says, "I love it when we have a good laugh, or when the subject matter has the potential to really help people..."  Read more
4-5 p.m. Mon-Fri

20X Industry: Manufacturing
Manufacturer_s Export AdvantEdge

Manufacturer's Edge is excited to announce its first sub-recipient agreement with the World Trade Center Denver. The groups will work closely to leverage federal resources to create a comprehensive program for Colorado manufacturers to improve business while growing through export opportunities.  Read more
Key Issue: Education and Workforce
Brave Leaders
Photo On Shark Tank Set
Coloradan, Female, Military Vet on "Shark Tank" Tomorrow

Major Mom CEO Angela Cody-Rouget will appear on "Shark Tank" on February 5, 2016. Her pitch? Expand business by franchising to serve a mission of restoring order to the world. Major Mom is building a national brand, ramping up operations in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.  Read more
Best Practices
United In Orange Logo

When it comes to policy work, the Western Governors' Association is nonpartisan. When it comes to  Super Bowl 50 , partisanship takes over.   Forget the oddsmakers, Western teams  know  how to win this game. In fact, teams located in WGA member states have won 14 of the 50 Super Bowls. They include the Dallas Cowboys (5), San Francisco 49ers (4), Oakland Raiders (2), Denver Broncos (2) and Seattle Seahawks.   Read more
#UnitedInOrange is a way we can all win! It is a food drive challenge brought to you by the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the list keeps growing! Denver vs Charlotte, who can collect more food to share with the hungry? Donate online or drop off by February 7 (Game Day). Read more
Key Issue: Economic Development
The Commons on Champa Logo

The Commons on Champa, a public campus for entrepreneurship in Downtown Denver created by the Downtown Denver Partnership, Colorado Technology Association and the City and County of Denver, announced the launch of a series of programs aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs and increasing diversity within Denver's startup community. The first program in the series on February 4 is already sold out.  Read more
Key Issue: Technology

Gov. John Hickenlooper, the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) and LiveWell Colorado launched this week Imagine Colorado, the nation's first-ever statewide open innovation challenge. Imagine Colorado is seeking bold ideas from Colorado residents in response to the challenge question: How would you connect Colorado's youth to a healthier lifestyle?   Read more
Key Issue: Smart Regulation
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"Leadership from the states, from state legislators and from Members of Congress who want to partner with state leaders can be a key part of making it happen. But ultimately, it is business, community and grassroots leaders who raise these issues with their elected officials who will make the difference."  Read more
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Key Issue: Economic Development
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The December state jobs report was released on January 26 with preliminary numbers showing a month over-month increase in employment (10,700 jobs, 0.4%) and an upward revision (300 jobs) to the November estimates. According to data from CDLE and BLS, January recorded 46,600 more jobs than the same month in 2014, increasing 1.9% year-over-year-an acceleration from November.  Read more
20X Industry: Aerospace
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Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. announced last week that it has acquired specialized engineering cyber firm Wavefront Technologies to further strengthen and diversify its business portfolio.  Read more
20X Industry: Information Technology
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IBM has once again topped the list of annual U.S. patent recipients, receiving 7,355 patents in 2015, marking the 23rd consecutive year of leadership. IBM's 2015 patent results represent a diverse range of inventions as well as a strong and growing focus on cognitive solutions and the cloud platform as the company positions itself for leadership in a new era of computing.  Read more
Business Roundtable
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From the BRT blog by President and CEO John Engler

When a number of U.S. Senators began looking for ways to boost economic growth while making the federal government more efficient, they identified a promising area for bipartisan action: regulation. 

Members of Congress have debated scores of regulatory reform bills over the years - many with great merit - and a few ideas have now come to the fore as both effective and doable. They form the heart of the Regulatory Improvement Act, a discussion draft in the Senate that embraces well-known, bipartisan proposals.  Read more
National Small Business Association
The House approved by unanimous consent three separate pieces of legislation aimed at helping small businesses access capital and increase their voice within the federal government.

Senate Judiciary Committee OKs Trade Secrets Bill 
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved by a voice vote the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015. It is expected to be easily approved by the committee when it is considered, as it also enjoys bipartisan support with 30 Democratic cosponsors of its 107 supporters.

Senate Considers Energy Bill
For the first time since the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the Senate has begun consideration of a broad energy reform bill. The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015 is the first major bipartisan energy bill in nearly a decade. If the amendment process is not contentious, the Senate is expected to pass the legislation by Feb. 5, 2016.
Calendar of Events
Regional Economic Development Panel Discussion by Associated General Contractors of Colorado
Global Leadership Forum with Representative Perlmutter by U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
China Business Review and Outlook  by Colorado U.S. China Chamber of Commerce

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