February 18, 2016
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So far this week, we've heard from  Anthony Lambatos and Sam Totten of Footers Catering about company culture and how to make employees feel valuedStephanie Veck, Director of Colorado Workforce Development Council, revealing the number one concern of businesses and how business-led strategies can solve it; and Joelle Martinez and Olivia Mendoza discussing the robust curriculum, extraordinary mentorship and community service of the Latino Leadership Institute.

Today, Dennis Houston of Parker Chamber of Commerce discusses how Parker continues to grow and in which directions . On Friday, Peter Moore of VITAL for Colorado is joined by VITAL Board member Chad Vorthmann, Executive VP of Colorado Farm Bureau, to discuss why they support Colorado's oil and gas industry. We'll also discuss ballot initiatives related to the energy industry, and their impact on property rights holders.

Next week, expand your network by learning with and from our prominent guest hosts: 
Feb 22 - From Anna Ewing, we'll learn about the Colorado Innovation Network as part of the OEDIT and specifically about the Open Innovation Challenge seeking your ideas for promoting healthy lifestyles for the children of Colorado.
Feb 23 - Jay Lindell, Aerospace and Defense Industry Champion at Colorado OEDIT, will discuss the importance of the Aerospace industry to Colorado's economy.
Feb 24 - Lee Middlekauf, Pixi Kits. Lee gives us a firsthand perspective on developing an entrepreneurial idea and getting it to the market place. We'll discuss entering business from a kickstarter campaign to how today's businesses have impacted the barriers to entry.
Feb 25 - Kristi Strother, Journalism Professor, Community College of Denver. Our topic is New Media. We'll discuss how access to information has changed and the need for Media Literacy Education not only for aspiring journalists, but for the everyday media consumer (YOU!) as well.
Feb 26 - Host Jim Salestrom introduces us to John Herrington, Former U.S. Energy Secretary in the Reagan Administration. We'll discuss current energy policy and more about our relationships with other countries concerning energy.
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Key Issue: International Business
World Trade Center Denver

The World Trade Center Denver, a trade association with a million dollar brand and global recognition, selected the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) site located at 38th and Blake Street in the revitalized River North Art District (RiNo) neighborhood for a New World Trade Center Global Campus. The site is located just one commuter rail stop from Union Station downtown on the route to Denver International Airport.  Read more
Key Issue: Healthcare and Retirement
Healthcare illustration

"ColoradoCare will have a negative impact on the Colorado doctor community, and that effect could drastically influence the care Coloradans receive. Under the ballot initiative, a State-run Healthcare system would be implemented with fixed, payroll-based revenue provided by taxpayers, and will therefore require massive cost management oversight."  Read more
Best Practices
Leadership image

Local business leader Erik Mitisek has been appointed co-chairman of Quarterly Forum, a nonprofit organization that works to connect, educate and inspire leaders in Colorado. Effective March 1, Mitisek will share oversight of the leadership organization with fellow co-chairman Ryan Heckman.  This new partnership between Heckman and Mitisek comes at a momentous era for Quarterly Forum with increasing membership, new leadership and civic engagement programs tailored to the development of the state's best emerging leaders .   Read more
Key Issue: Smart Regulation
Process of recycling carbon fiber composites
Key Issue: Technology
Women business owner
Brave Leaders
Magazine cover
National Small Business Association

Fresh off a surprisingly active  legislative year  in 2015, Congress has begun 2016 with numerous items to do and a Republican leadership eager to prove its ability to govern and get things done. Combined with this legislative enthusiasm is President Barack Obama's renewed focus on what he can accomplish in his remaining months in office. I ssues significant to small businesses that Congress may address this year include p atent reform, c ybersecurity, h ealth care,  U.S. Department of Labor rules, t ax reform and the  Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Business Roundtable
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From the BRT Blog: "A plan to modernize the U.S. air traffic control system, encouraging innovation while strengthening safety oversight, is gaining speed, with its approval this week by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee."   Read more

Business Roundtable leaders issued earlier this month the following statement on the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee's first hearing of 2016, "Reaching America's Potential: Delivering Growth and Opportunity for All Americans." The Committee oversees tax and trade issues, two key components of the Business Roundtable agenda for increased economic growth and employment. "Expanding U.S. trade with other countries is central to creating the economic momentum we need for more growth and opportunity," said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cummins Inc. and Chair of the Business Roundtable International Engagement Committee.  Read more

Calendar of Events
China Business Review and Outlook  by Colorado U.S. China Chamber of Commerce
2016 Solar Power Colorado by Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
Annual Seed Swap by The GrowHaus. Come on down to find a garden's worth of organic, non-GMO seeds and seedlings. The day-long party will feature hour workshops as well as music, food and seeds.  
Lone Tree Transportation and Mobility Summit by the City of Lone Tree, the Lone Tree Chamber of Commerce and regional partners
Regionalism Revolution: Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon by Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation 
118th National Western Mining Conference by Colorado Mining Association
Downtown Denver Annual Awards by Downtown Denver Partnership

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