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Tang Center
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Work/Life, part of Be Well at Work Faculty/Staff Health Programs, supports the University's academic mission through policy, program, and developing resources for work/life issues.
Our goal is to assist faculty, staff, and students to reach a comfortable balance between their work, study, personal and family lives.

Smart App for Daily Use

Make sure you always have time for the family with the help of Cozi Family Organizer. The app allows you to manage family members' schedules, appointments and activities, so you never miss your kid's football match once again. Sync it with Google calendar, share to-do/shopping lists and keep a family collection of recipes to shop by dish. 

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Mindfulness Meditation Group

Finding Work/Life Balance can consist of taking a quiet moment of serenity to practice self-care and tune into how your mind and body are feeling.

You are invited to attend the weekly meditation group led by staff members.

Tang Center, 3rd floor, conf. room 3110

Every Tuesday, 12:10 - 12:50 pm
Book Recommendations
The experience of parenthood is different for everyone. And every day can be different too. Read a hilarious and moving collection of perspectives from the well-loved Emily Writes and her friends. Some of them are experienced writers, others have put pen to paper for the first time. If it takes a village to raise a child, then this writing comes from the whole village. Yet every experience is a real one, and you will feel the joy, the horror, the love and the heart-ache as you read about birthday parties, vasectomies, hugs, hospitals and, of course, sleepless nights.

Whether you're just beginning your financial life or heading towards retirement, this book will show you how to:

- Get out of debt and develop savings
- Save money through mindfulness and good habits, rather than strict budgeting
- Declutter your life and live well for less
- Invest your savings and begin creating wealth
- Save the planet while saving money

"Grandparents also hold a unique position in the family system, Isay explains. They are the keepers of the stories  that bridge multiple generations and that contribute to a child's growing sense of autobiography  where they came from, who their ancestors are, and the qualities they're connected to."

In her article, "How to Navigate the Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting," Diana Divecha looks at Jane Isay's new book and how it celebrates being a grandparent while guiding individuals through its complexities of this relationship.

Welcome back!

We hope you were able to enjoy some summer sunshine with your loved ones over these past few weeks. 

As we commence this new semester, our workloads may increase at a time when family or financial life requires our conscientious presence.  Finding balance in order to avoid fatigue and stress can consist of small changes and large personal rewards. 

If you are free, please join us for our lunchtime parenting and financial workshops which address numerous topics contributing to a more balanced work/life.

Parenting Workshops 

To learn more about these upcoming workshops, additional information about the speakers, and registration details, see our Work/Life workshop page.

Financial Wellness Workshops

To learn more about these upcoming workshops, additional information about the speakers, and registration details, see our  Work/Life workshop page .

Budgeting and Debt Management

Be Well at Work Fall Programs

As part of University Health Services, Be Well at Work offers faculty and staff an array of services that will help you lead a healthy and balanced life. These services include employee assistance, disability assistance, ergonomics, wellness, occupational health, and work/life services and workshops. Click here for a list of all upcoming workshops.

Family Practice Class

This class features training on "Family Tea Time" and how mindful practices can bind the family together. We will also explore how meditation and meditative movement can contribute to successful family life. Parents/caregivers and young people will meet together and separately during the class. We are committed to creating a diverse family sangha.   No prior experience is necessary. For children ages 0-13 and Family/Caregivers.

When: Sunday, Sept. 9th, 10 am - 12.30 pm
Where: East Bay Meditation Center, 285 17th St, Oakland
Cost:  Donation based
Event: Money Matters

This workshop will walk you through a 6 step process for improving your relationship with money. In this class you will learn how to:

Step 1: Assess your personal & financial situation
Step 2: Set personal & financial goals
Step 3: Create a "living" budget
Step 4: Minding your money - tracking expenses & savings patterns
Step 5: Reality time! Compare Truth vs Fiction: "The numbers Don't Lie"
Step 6: Review, revise, & re-sharpen

Join us for this two hour love fest where we'll help you identify how to love your money better, so it stays with you and helps you build a better  tomorrow

When: Thursday, Sept. 6th , 6 pm - 8 pm
Where: Bethel Church AME, 916 Laguna St, San Francisco
Cost: Free

Free HygieniKit Opportunity

Berkeley's Breastfeeding Support Program received a generous donation of 100 Ameda HygieniKit attachments, which pair with the Ameda hospital-grade breast pumps located in many of the lactation rooms on campus. In an effort to reach the Healthy People 2020 objectives, Be Well at Work - Wellness Program would like to begin by supporting those with the greatest need.
A gift of a HygieniKit (cost to purchase would be $40 through our program) would provide those within the Berkeley campus community the chance to utilize the Breastfeeding Support Program's resources: lactation rooms with hospital grade breast pumps, privacy, comfy chairs, and a relaxed space to express milk.

Criteria for a recipient of a HygieniKit are:
  • Current UC Berkeley faculty, staff, postdocs, visiting scholars, student or employee of UCOP and LBNL, who choose to continue breastfeeding after returning to work or school
  • Submission of a Free HygieniKit application
    - while supplies last 
Please contact Jennifer Guerra for more information
Girls Defend
Self-defense workshop for Bay Area girls 7-17 years.

Girls Defend is a three part workshop designed to be a catalyst for safety focus and violence prevention by introducing girls and their families to the benefits of self-defense.
Workshop will include small break-out groups for:
- Hold Releases
- Basic Defense Strategies
- Internet Saftey
- Direct Combat Techniques (Boxing)

Where: African American Art & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St. San Francisco
When: Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 10 am - 1 pm
Cost: $23

Event: College Can Be Affordable
Joan Case of Case College Consultants will have an hour long talk for parents and prospective college students detailing valuable ways in which they can save thousands of dollars on college tuition. In her talk, she will discuss top quality colleges that are also "top buys", the role of the FAFSA and how you can benefit from completing it, the need based vs. merit-based aid, scholarships and institutional/college financial aid.

Where: El Cerrito Library, 6510 Stockton Avenue
When: Tuesday, Sept. 18th, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Cost: Free