Work/Life Fall 2019 Newsletter
Dear All,

Welcome to a new semester! 
We hope you were able to take some time this summer to do something that brings you joy. Be it a walk on the beach, a good book, or a moment of quiet solitude, finding small delights can rejuvenate our energies and refocus our positive intentions. 

This fall, please join our Be Well at Work programs for a number of lunch hour workshops which focus on self-care and the many positive benefits it can have on your overall well-being. Whether you are feeling stressed out , would like to support your children through bullying experiences , wish to focus on your financial wellness , or more, there is something suited to each of your needs. 

Wishing you a pleasant and more balanced work/life this fall.


Fall 2019 Parenting Workshops
To register, please click on the workshop titles below
Thursday, Sept. 5th

Thinking about starting a family? This workshop will provide information on leave policies, disability benefits, use of sick/vacation time, and options on when/how to return to work after having a child for both faculty and staff employees.

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

This 3 hour class is taught by a certified lactation consultant and is broken up into two parts.
The first portion of the class, 1-3 pm, addresses breastfeeding basics and problem solving. The second portion of class, 3:15-4:15 pm, covers returning-to-work planning and breast pumps. Those who have already attended a breastfeeding class are welcome to join the last portion of the class.

Thursday, Oct. 10th

This presentation will provide practical resources and tools rooted in mindfulness, meditation, and brain-body therapies to support an initiation toward healing the internalized bully or critic that has formed as a result of childhood experiences of being bullied. Often our own childhood experiences of being bullied have impacted our self-esteem and ability to self-regulate which impacts our ability to parent. In addition, the presentation will introduce tools and resources to support our children who may be experiencing bullying in their communities and schools

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

The transition for parents returning to work after baby bonding leave ends can feel overwhelming as we contend with a vast array of emotions, concerns, and limitations while simultaneously juggling a new work/life balance. Join us for this panel workshop which will focus on understanding both positive and negative emotions related to this transition, how to establish boundaries at work, what benefits and accommodations are available to working parents on campus, and receive self-care resources to help ease the physical and mental pressure associated with your return to work.

This one-hour panel presentation will be followed by an opportunity to meet with campus programs and vendors to learn more about parenting support and benefits on campus.

Thursday, Nov. 14th

The responsibilities and isolation of parenting can easily lead to stress, exhaustion, overwhelm & burnout. 
Learn practical, holistic tools that will not only reduce stress but also build a sense of rhythm, vitality and ease within your body, mind & family.

Embrace nature’s energetic rhythms and explore simple solutions to:
• Optimize time & energy
• Support your nervous system effectively using movement, breath & food
• Boost quality of sleep, immunity & digestion
• Create a nurturing evening routine, cultivating care & connection

Fall 2019 Financial Wellness Workshops
To register, please click on the workshop titles below
Thursday, Sept. 26th

Learn about saving for college with the ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan. Participants will review the following points and be provided an opportunity to ask questions concerning saving for college; benefits and cost of higher education, what you can do to pay for college, different ways to save, and how to get started.

Tuesday, Oct. 15th

Basics of investing, overview of funds available through the Retirement Savings Program, and investment approaches based on risk tolerance, investing horizon and involvement level. 

Thursday, Oct. 10th

Join us to learn about the many tools and strategies available that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Wednesday, Dec. 11th

Thinking about buying a first home? Not sure where to start?

Join Realtor Carla Higgins to learn about:
• the homebuying process
• sources of down-payment and closing-cost assistance
• credit repair
• mortgage types
• who should be on your homebuying team
• the benefits of homebuyer education
• and more.

Campus Events
Be Well at Work Self-Care Workshops

 As we juggle the complexities of work and personal life, we often overlook the importance of self-care and its many health benefits. Join Be Well at Work this semester for a number of reflective, interactive, and practical workshops which highlight ways for you to prioritize your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Annual Campus Memorial
The  Campus Memorial  remembers and honors the lives of campus members who have passed away during the previous year.  

For those unable to attend, a video will be available on YouTube following the event.

When:  Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Brown Bag Lunch for Parents of Kids with Disabilities/Challenges
J ulia Anable, PhD, Be Well at Work Employee Assistance, will be this month's guest speaker on Thursday, August 22nd. Julia will lead a discussion on parent/caregiver burn out and coping strategies. Please bring your lunch and be prepared to discuss your concerns and questions. Please RSVP to this event.
Cal Parents of Teens Brown Bag
SAVE THE DATE: On Wednesday, September 4 at noon, the Cal Parents of Teens group sponsored by the Cal Women's Network will present a workshop on "demystifying the college application process" with Tiffany Carter, Assistant Director of UC Berkeley Undergraduate Admissions. Contact Michele Rabkin for more information.
As the Official Bank of UC Berkeley, Bank of the West is committed to helping the entire UC Berkeley community meet their short and long-term financial goals. This fall take the lead on your finances by meeting with an on-campus dedicated specialist or learn more about the special offers you receive as a Berkeley employee.
Free Ameda HygieniKit Opportunity
Berkeley's Breastfeeding Support Program received a generous donation of Ameda HygieniKit attachments, which pair with the Ameda hospital-grade breast pumps located in many of the lactation rooms on campus. Be Well at Work - Wellness Program would like to offer current campus affiliates who are in need, a gift of a HygieniKit* (normally $40 purchase price) at no cost in order for individuals to utilize the Breastfeeding Support Program's resources: lactation rooms with hospital grade breast pumps, privacy, comfy chairs, and a relaxed space to express milk. 

*while supplies last

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