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Work/Life, part of Be Well at Work Faculty/Staff Health Programs, supports the University's academic mission through policy, program, and developing resources for work/life issues.
Our goal is to assist faculty, staff, and students to reach a comfortable balance between their work, study, personal and family lives.

Summer Camps

UC Berkeley summer camps offer fun activities for children of all ages. Whether interested in athletics or academia, science, nature, business, aquatics, skateboarding, or leadership skills; there is something for everyone to enjoy. College-bound high school students can even experience a glimpse of higher education.

Smart App for Daily Use

Acorns is an automated savings tool that rounds up your purchases on linked credit or debit cards, then sweeps the change into a computer-managed investment portfolio. Picture it as a virtual piggy bank.

Cost: $1 per month, Free for students

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Book Recommendations 
A beautiful meditation on the joys of being a grandparent and a practical guide to help you and your adult children make the most of your relationship with a grandchild.

Drawing on her personal experience, dozens of interviews, and the latest findings in psychology, Isay shows how a grandparent can use his or her unique perspective and experience to create a deep and lasting bond that will echo throughout a grandchild's life. 


In Wired Child, see how our kids have become smartphone experts who struggle in reading, math, and other educational basics. Discover how many "child-friendly" technologies are depriving kids of joy in the real world, putting them at risk for device addictions.

Wired Child gives you the confidence and skills you need to safely navigate your children through a rapidly shifting media landscape. You'll also learn how to protect kids from destructive tech addictions, and instead guide them to use technology productively as a positive force for their future.

Dr. Freed will also be presenting a workshop at the Tang Ed. Center on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 12.10 pm

Happy New Year!

We hope you were able to enjoy some time over the holidays to relax and re-energize with your loved ones after a busy  semester on campus.

As we commence this new year, Be Well at Work Faculty and Staff Health Programs will be offering an array of workshops and seminars which can help support you with work/life balance.
This semester, our spring programs will include highlighting the many ways that technology can affect and assist our work and family life, including learning about the potential risks of technology, healthy technology habits, and ways to reconnect with yourself and others.

If you are free, please join us for our lunchtime parenting and financial workshops.

With warm wishes,

Parenting Workshops 

To learn more about these upcoming workshops, additional information about the speakers, and registration details, see our Work/Life workshop page.

 Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age
Wednesday, February 6th

Planning Your Pregnancy Leave
Thursday, February 14th

Financial Wellness Workshops

To learn more about these upcoming workshops, additional information about the speakers, and registration details, see our  Work/Life workshop page .

Saving For Your Child's Education
Wednesday, February 21st 

Be Well at Work Spring Programs 

As part of University Health Services, Be Well at Work offers faculty and staff an array of services that will help you lead a healthy and balanced life. These services include employee assistance, disability assistance, ergonomics, wellness, occupational health, and work/life services and workshops. Click here for a list of all upcoming workshops.

8th Annual Financial Fair for Personal Finance

The  Financial Fair for Personal Finance  is an opportunity for UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and retirees to attend workshops, learn about campus resources, and visit with campus financial vendors. 

When: Thursday, March 7th, 9 am - 1 pm
Where: Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley

Wellness is personal, multi-dimensional, and our needs are frequently changing. This site offers tools that will help you identify your own unique system of wellness.

When Mental Illness Lives at Your House: Helping Children Cope

Join Kelly O'Lague Dulka, MSW, to learn how to help children cope with paper_cutout_child_reding.jpg parents who suffer from a mental illness.

When:  February 6th & February 20th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Where: Child Care Links, 6601 Owens Drive, Suite 100, Pleasanton
Mindful Parenting Seminar

This workshop will explore self-care tools for parents,  grandparents, and caregivers. Utilizing  practical techniques to cultivate relaxation, connection and joy within families, it will also focus on reducing stress in busy lives.

Where : 1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley
When: Wednesday, March 6th, 6:30 pm - 8 pm
Cost: Free ($10 cost for childcare if utilized)

Family Wealth Forum 

Sponsored by the Office of Assessor Carmen Chu, this free, 3-hour coin-stack-chessboard.jpg community event is a one-stop shop for families seeking answers to their questions around asset building and estate planning. The event offers free one-on-one counseling with experts, as well as multilingual workshops with topics including access for affordable housing, estate planning 101, property tax transfers and savings for families.

When: May 2019
Time and Location TBD
Cost: Free